This week it’s time to meet Chelsea Alexis, a certificate Miami wedding planner. Follow the interview below to know more about Chelsea.

1. Why Did You Get Started in This Business? How Long Ago?

I got started in this business after assisting a friend with planning an event. I grew up in the food service industry and had worked at restaurants as a teenager and young adult, serving people and having a great time all of a sudden clicked and I decided to make a career change. A giant leap of faith.

2. How Was it at the Beginning?

In the beginning, it was challenging, with no formal training, I interned and worked constantly. The first 6 months in the industry I worked about 30-40 events. After gaining raw, hands-on knowledge I slowly transitioned into obtaining my own clients.

3. Tell About Your Background Before This

I have a bachelor’s degree in finance and worked for various attorneys/finance firms and as a project manager. Now I manage projects, but they’re more like fairy tales, Disney movies and “happily-ever-afters” – very rewarding.

4.  How Did You Become Successful or Bootstrapped?

Becoming successful was having confidence in myself and the value that myself and my team offer to make every client’s day carefree and magical through proper planning.

5. What Do You Sell?

I sell peace of mind, expertise and a wealth of knowledge. Those hours on google, I’ve been there. Those books you’re reading, I’ve read them. It’s basically taking the short cut to get the right answer. I want every moment for my client to be exciting and memorable, not stressful when planning a celebration for one of the life’s milestones.

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6. How Many Wedding Do You Do a Year?


7. What Makes Your Product Unique?

Our team is extremely detailed in the approach, reviewing all aspects of the event whether it falls within my service scope or not. Details determine a seamless execution of each and every event.

8. Is There Something That You Think Should Be Improved in Your Product?

I wish I had an online portal or application for clients, that would be great. Like a project management tool.

9. What is The Most Important Thing in Your Product?

FUN! Having fun. Taking time out to enjoy it. Let’s laugh, let’s smile, let’s joke, let’s remember.

10. Who Are You?

I’m married, I have a lovely husband I met in school at the University of Iowa. He played football at the University and is originally from Florida. We have two amazing children, our ten-year-old competitive cheerleader (Chloe) and two-year-old (Ivy) who’s full of life. We are a multicultural family, I am German, Scandinavian and African American, my husband is Haitian & Cuban and our children are a mix of all!! We are seriously skittles at the end of the rainbow. HA!

11. Your Weaknesses

Sometimes I get personally involved with my clients and turn into a counselor instead of a planner – ha! Also challenging balancing work/home.

12. Tell Me a Question That You Will Never answer!

I am an open book, I can’t think of any.

13. The Worst Client?

The worst client was someone that hired me for the day of coordination and had unrealistic expectations. Although I tried to meet and exceed her expectations she was unhappy

14. Something You Regret? You Take Back?

I regret not making a career change sooner.

15. The Best Moments?

When the bride and groom are overwhelmed with joy because of something you’ve done.

16. The Best Client?

A bride and groom that have been together since 8th grade and planned their wedding together, side-by-side and are still in love. Traveled the world together. They literally walked out of a Disney movie, I couldn’t handle the cuteness.

17. If Clients Want to Hire You, What is The Process?

Clients should contact me via phone or email to schedule a consultation. Once a service package has been created and priced, they’ll sign a client agreement &  make commitment payment to save their date. From there, let the games begin! Happy Planning.

18. What Happens After They Hire You?

Depending on the service we begin our review and checklist/budget of outstanding items and schedule teleconferences and planning/vendor meetings to get tasks accomplished and organized.

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