Just married, that is you are starting a new you that involves someone else. Brides have to understand things will change with so many post wedding to-dos. As a new bride, you probably feel a sense of relief. Thinking that it is all over, but now the work begins. It will be more than a notion to try to adjust to living with someone else first of all, especially if you were living alone prior to marriage. You will be required to share your living quarters and all of its contents, or at least almost all of everything.

Sharing Sounds Good Until you Have to do it Everyday and with Almost Everything

If you felt fatigue doing things just for you just wait until you have to do things for yourself and someone else. Sometimes you will have to do things for the other person even when you wouldn’t do it for yourself. Marriage is like a job, you have to keep the boss happy, even if it means you will have extra stress. Being the boss even has to be shared. Sometimes it is the way you want it and sometimes it has to be the way your husband wants it.

Brides Are Thinking of Starting a Family

I suggest you get to know your husband before trying to raise a child. One thing that should be on every bride to do list is to make the marriage last as long as possible. Having children too early in the marriage will take away time that would be better spent getting to know each other. Most divorces are partly because of habits someone has that the other person doesn’t like. You might find yourself saying had I known that I would have never gotten married. Get to know your husband before starting a family is the best advice I have heard.

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The bride that marries out of their race has to learn new things about the culture of their husband and sometimes it may be difficult to understand why certain cultures do certain things that others don’t. Getting to know your in-laws is important to getting along with them. Marriage brings two families together in one way or another. Knowing your husband’s family can add to knowing your husband. Sometimes the family will expose things that your husband won’t.

Bride enjoy your husband and live and love for each other. Remember to post married to do list will last a long time if you are lucky.


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