People change their names for an assortment of reasons. Some like to escape the name they grew up with. Some want to legally change their name after they have tied the knot.

What You Should Consider When the Topic of a Name Change After Marriage Comes Up

It is to these people we are speaking to specifically. A name change after marriage is not something to take light. It is something that will not happen over night either. It is a process. Like most processes, you need to know what you are in for.

1. It is Going to Cost You a Bundle, so Be Prepared

It will cost most people about $200, sometimes a little bit less. There are also court documents you need to file. These will cost you some extra cash too. You will have to get extra copies of the certified documents. They all have to be notarized too. This is why some opt not to do it. It is rather involved.

2. You Will Need to Update Everyone on Your Name Change After Marriage

This includes the social security office. You will need to notify the IRS. The DMV will need to know. The post office will need to know. Your family and friends will need to know. Any company you do business with will need to be notified. This includes utility companies and banks. Do you have a passport? You will have to give them the new information. This is not an easy process.

3. Do Not Jump the Gun in Anyway

Some of you may be in a hurry to let everyone on the list know. Cool your jets a bit girls. Wait for the documents to come in the mail. Wait for the offices to clear your name change. Once the offices have cleared you, then you can let everyone know. Doing this prior to confirmation will create some additional problems. Everyone on your list needs documentation to back it up. You cannot just say you have changed your name. They need proof. This is why it is best not to jump into the deep end right away.

4. You May need to file in your state court

Every state is different on this matter. Do your own research. Find out if you need to file legally in the court system. Keep in mind the courts of The Justice of Peace is different than the legal court systems. You may be legal according to the justice but not according to the judiciary courts.

5. You do not need a lawyer

It is daunting but you can do it on your own. The only time you should hire a lawyer is when you become too overwhelmed. File a petition and you can begin. Take this step a bit further. Contact a company who deals with the legal aspects of this process. They will help you streamline everything. LegalZoom is a good place to start looking. They will give you all the paperwork you need to file.

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