Your wedding ceremony is a big moment, and it’s something that should be remembered for your entire life. With a new year upon us, new trends, that will make your wedding something unique and special, are also on the horizon.

New Trends

For instance, your bridal party does not have to follow the traditional titles of “maid of honor” or “best man”. Perhaps, the bride prefers to have her only brother stand next to her on your wedding day, and then you would have a “man of honor”. The groom, on the other hand, may desire to have a female comrade, who served by his side in a branch of the armed services, to stand up with him as he exchanges vows with his bride. In that case, he would have a “best matron”, instead of a “best man”.

Fashion trends for your wedding ceremony may include wedding dresses with beautiful long capes, as well as pretty bows. The trends are also moving away from the traditional white wedding gowns, to subtle soft shades of pink, lilac, and blue. Metallic material is also taking center stage for wedding attire.

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Food Choices Are Another Area That is Taking a Trendy Turn..

by having guests enjoy special interactive food stations, such as “build your own taco” or gourmet coffees or unique menu options, such as a portable popcorn truck or other carnival-type foods. Serving heritage or hometown dishes is a wonderful way to make your wedding day more personal to your guests. Cheesesteaks from Philadelphia or beignets from New Orleans are a couple of examples. Also, another unique and personal touch is a wedding cake made from donuts.

Décor, Such as Seating and Lighting,…

sets the mood and influences the behavior of your guests. For instance, flashing lights or bright yellow lights can indicate to your guests that it is time to hit the dance floor; while soft blue lighting can indicate to sit quietly in preparation for a toast. As far as seating is concerned, individual chairs are being replaced by couches and ottomans, which can make the reception space more comfortable and inviting.

When everything is said and done and your wedding day is coming to a close, it will be the pictures that supply you with tangible lasting memories. Photographers are being asked to add pre-wedding pictures to the list of memorable photos. Special and fun poses are being seen more often – an aerial shot of the dance floor or a snapshot of an open door with the shadow of the bride, in anticipation of her entrance to the wedding ceremony, are a couple of examples.

The most important thing that never goes out of style is the experience that you share with your spouse; so, remember to have fun on your special day.

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