With spring fast-approaching, many brides are stammering to find the best spring wedding ideas. Brides looking to have their wedding in this very popular season have to take a lot into consideration—such as what colors to have the bridesmaids dresses be, what flowers to use, and most importantly, what types of venue to use, to name a few. As such, we have compiled some of the best tips for your spring weddings.

• The Colors

Deciding on the colors for your spring wedding should be the easiest thing for most people. Typically, it is recommended to use colors that are relatively light on the eyes for spring—and, of course, colors that are relatively bright. As such, it’s recommended that you use colors such as lavender, coral pink, etc. Of course, you also want to ensure that your desired colors—both for bridesmaid dresses and for decorations—match your venue. Naturally, this brings us to the venue itself—the most important part.

• The Venue

Most people, when planning a spring wedding, opt for an outdoor venue. And for good reason—it’s the first time of the new year the weather is finally starting to warm, and nature is incredibly beautiful during springtime; something many want reflected onto their wedding, as they want their wedding to be memorable. As such, opting for an outdoor venue for spring weddings is a very common practice—many people opting for a small forest, perhaps off a hiking trail; however, if you do not want an outdoor wedding, but want the feeling of an outdoor venue, you can use decorations to, in a sense, mimic the feeling of an outdoor venue.

• The Decorations

Finally, the decorations—easily one of the most vital and important part of any wedding—good or bad decorations can easily make or break your reception. As aforementioned, you can use your decorations to mimic the feeling of an outdoor venue if you do not necessarily want an outdoor venue, bu want the same ideal outdoor wedding feel. For any sort of spring weddings, however, it’s recommended that you match your decorations to the colors you plan on using—for example, if you primarily want to use coral pink, opt for colors that will go with it for your decorations.

All in all, planning spring weddings can be slightly complicated—but hopefully, this made the process a little bit easier for you.

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