A honeymoon is a great way to get away and celebrate the first few days as man and wife. Even if you’re on a budget, fear not. You can still travel somewhere very special. Many honeymoon destinations will fit into your wedding budget. Careful investigation can yield lots of potential choices. Your choices will depend on your personal tastes. If you prefer time at the beach, you can pick from lots of places. The same is true if you like art museums or the mountains.

The United States

Staying local can help you get lots of bang for your wedding budget buck. Some of America’s biggest cities are surprisingly inexpensive. Consider a stay in Philly. You’ll get fabulous food at the city’s world renowned Amish Market, amazing museums like the Franklin Institute and access the Poconos. Miami is also delightful with endless miles of beaches for a solitary swim and lots of places where you can sample a large, inexpensive Latin lunch.

Central America

Another ideal place for those on a budget is Central America. Nature lovers will adore Costa Rica. costa Rica is the crossroads of the continent, making it easy to see lots of wildlife without a visit to a zoo. This charming destination offers the chance to see flocks of wild parrots and brightly colored hummingbirds hover overhead nearly everywhere you go. Hotels can be found on the cheap during the rainy season for as little as ten dollars a day. Stay on the Caribbean coast to see sea turtles come ashore and lay their eggs at night.

South America

South America is only a plane ride away. Here you’ll find honeymoon destinations that include places humming with activities. The dollar goes a long way in places like Brazil and Argentina. For a more out of the way destination, Peru beacons. Try the unique potatoes of this region and then take a tram up the mountains to see the ancient civilization of Machu Picchu in person. Nearby Ecuador means the opportunity to take a short boat trip and visit the famous Galapagos Islands in person. Here is where Darwin observed nature up close before writing his famous books.

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In recent years, the value of the Euro against the dollar has fallen, making Europe more inexpensive than ever before. For the cost of a single flight, a few hostel rooms and a Eurorail pass, you and your spouse can explore this fantastic continent. Consider avoiding more expensive destinations such as Paris or London. Instead, focus your trip on less traveled areas that may still have lots of historic sites. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is filled with dozens of castles and lots of historic places. Older cities like Krakow in Poland, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and places in the former Yugoslavia like Albania and Kosovo offer tremendous excitement for the honeymooner. A trip here means sampling delightful, rarely seen wines and traveling through national parks such as the highly inviting falls of Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

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