So your big day was last Saturday, and you are on your honeymoon in Maui with your new husband. He’s swimming at the moment, off the coast of your hotel’s beach in Kehei.

The last task you want to complete while basking in the South Pacific sun is a post wedding day account of to-dos to complete your wedding checklist, but you take out your notebook anyway, as you recline on the sand-chaise, and get to work. What do you need to take care of, just before the rest of your married life can all begin?

1. Your Wedding Gown

Consult your wedding salon where you purchased your dress and request a recommendation for a professional cleaner, so that you can preserve your special day’s outfit, keeping it pristine and intact.

2. Thank You Cards

Though general etiquette gives you a 3-month deadline, you’ll want to send thank you cards to friends, family, and all of those who attended your wedding day, whether or not they brought a gift.

3. Gift Registry and Returns

Should you receive 4 food processors, or not quite adore the unregistered silver tray you received, take care of gathering receipts and contacting the outlets you were registered at to deactivate your account and take care of returns. Also, if you are short one set of flatware for your 10-set registry requested formal dining set, see about discounted extra sets at department stores that match yours.

4. Wedding Web Site Removal

If you paid for your wedding site website, make sure to deactivate it so that you will not be charged for keeping it open.

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5. Choose a Scrapbook/Album for Keepsakes/Photos

A copy of the invite, your bouquet, engraved napkin, and of course carefully chosen photos need to be in one formal book to preserve your memories. They can be personalized with your names and wedding date.

6. Re-Purpose Your Extras

Whether it’s decorations, consumable tableware, center pieces, or anything reusable, turn it into a party store, share with a friend who can use it, to give it a new purpose rather than toss it out forever.

7. Freeze Top Tier of Cake

This is to be thawed and eaten on your first year anniversary. Double-wrap this in cellophane and then in a paper bag, closed tightly.

8. Your New Name

If you are taking your husband’s last name, you’ll need to formally meet the requirements of where you reside to legally change it on all documents.

9. Wedding Party Reunion

Plan a 6-month reunion with those very important people who supported you both, making your most important day extra special! Have them over for dinner that you both prepare, and use wedding gift tableware! Planning this can help prevent any post-wedding blues!

10. Remembering

You wedding checklist needs to include you and your husband remembering the wonder of your wedding day; keep the spirit of your most significant union alive, always, and together! Make all of your anniversary days special!

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