A Chef Can Make Your Catering Miami Wedding Unforgettable. Here’s How:

When it comes to catering  your wedding and reception in Miami, no one can accuse you of being a bridezilla.

You can say all you want about the groom being the most important man at the wedding, and you can say the same about your mom being the most important woman; however, reality tells us that whoever is in control of catering will be the most crucial wedding player.

If you really want your wedding to be perfect, you cannot ignore the very important element of catering. Even though all weddings are unforgettable, you really want yours to be remembered very fondly with the right catering Miami strategy.

Interview With the Chef

The success of your wedding will mostly rest on the quality of catering, which falls under the responsibility of the chef. Keep in mind that the chef you hire can make or break your wedding; this means that you should choose very carefully.

If you have retained a wedding planner, he or she will line up chef interviews for you. Prior to the interview, you should review your budget and scheduling; try to have a firm date for the wedding so that the chef can prepare accordingly in terms of theme and seasonal platters. You should also have a close estimate of the number of guests as well as their potential meal and drink preferences.

When you sit down with the chef or the catering manager, be sure to express all your ideas and concerns in detail; if you are vague about what you would like, there is a chance that the cost estimate will be higher and you may feel discouraged. The estimates are typically calculated on a “per-guest” basis.

Planning the Menu

During your interview, be sure to discuss quality and creativity. If you want a chic wedding, your best bet will be food stations at the reception. Each stationed can be slightly themed, for example: one table can feature Caribbean treats while another station offers Tex-Mex appetizers. If you would like to serve cocktails at your reception, you may want to place a couple of stations close to the bar.

Garnishing is of the utmost importance. Talk to your prospective chef about your wedding decoration ideas so that he or she can tell you about garnishing. Professional chefs who are experienced in catering will be able to make garnishments that match any decor.

You should also discuss the menu and its various alternatives. Be sure to ask about ingredients and their provenance; chefs usually boast about the ingredients they use, and this can give you an idea about the level of quality you can expect at the wedding. Themed menus and interesting pairings tend to be well-received; a good mix in Miami would be Cuban food for main courses, which can be enjoyed with Mediterranean-style appetizers. Depending on the season, tropical desserts can be combined with a few European treats; the best time for this daring mix is from May to September.

If you are planning a bridal shower, try to hire the chef for small catering Miami contract; by doing so, you can get an idea of the quality your wedding guests will enjoy on your special day.

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