A wedding reception ought to bring out the glamor and the true feeling of being in a wedding. Miami offers some of the most incredible receptions in the United States one ought to consider. Here are the five best receptions in Miami, FL one ought to consider for their wedding.

The Cruz Building

The Cruz Building offers a perfect storybook setting in the 3-level venue. The architecture of the building is quite detailed making the venue the perfect place to take the most glamorous wedding photos. This 3157 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, Florida venue’s architect uniquely and excellently blends the European, New Orleans, and French antiques. That together with the monumental stained-glass windows, the atrium ceilings, the majestic marble staircases, and the three levels of the building offer the perfect space to hold a reception. It combines romance, elegance, and vast uniqueness; just what you would need for a wedding.

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The Biltmore

The legendary Biltmore is located 1200 Anastasia Avenue – Colorado Gables, Florida. The venue provides quite a unique historic charm thanks to the Mediterranean architecture incorporated in the design of the rooms. The intricate chandeliers, the cathedral arches, and the soaring hand-painted ceiling set the scene for an idyllic and wedding reception. The water pool with a fountain at the center, also, contribute to the glamor of the space. All these features combine to create a picture-perfect location for the most memorable wedding photos.

Villa Woodbine

The Villa Woodbine was designed using a Mediterranean-Renaissance style by the renowned architect Walter De Garmo. The interior of the property was designed using the Cuban design. The Cuban tiles that are beautifully polished clearly bring out the feel of another era. The feel and look of this property are perfect for a simple, intimate yet elegant reception. The property is located at 2167 South Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove, Florida.

Logan’s Place

Logan’s place is that one stop location for the perfect special day. This beautiful venue is located at 15255 SW 200th Street, Miami, Florida. It is the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding thanks to the beautiful lush landscaping, the beautiful sunset in the evenings and the tranquil waterfall available in the property. During the day, the natural light and the feel of the surrounding environment can be clearly captured for the most memorable wedding photos. In the evenings, there couldn’t be a better place to capture the sunset. The lighting in the venue when the dark sets in amounts to unimaginable beauty.

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