Choosing food we love should always be a fun experience. Choosing the food for a wide variety of wedding guests while footing the bill can be a little bit scary. But it doesn’t have to be! Go into your menu choosing experience prepared and ready to indulge in this delicious task. Relax, enjoy, and remember the advice of Gordon Ramsay. “Taste everything!”

Chicken Satay Skewers


When diving into your catering menu, keep important aspects of your wedding in mind. The time of day, indoor versus outdoor, and venue will all play into your wedding catering, beginning with the appetizers. Your appetizers should set the tone for your meal so if you are serving a seafood spread on the waterfront, start this theme off with appetizers.

When deciding on what to serve, first things first. This is your wedding and include food items that you love to eat. Since you will likely serve several appetizers, this still gives you room for crowd pleasers if your first appetizer love is a bit polarizing albeit delicious like raw oysters. Crowd-pleasing appetizers tend to be things like:

Mini crabcakes

Satay chicken skewers

Stuffed mushrooms

Spring rolls

Crab Salad Canapés

One bite tacos

Anything shrimp


Moving onto your entrees, keep your food theme going! The variety of your entrees will be heavily dependent on the style of your wedding reception and venue. Before setting the entrees in stone in your mind, speak to your wedding caterer about the options available to you. Also, discuss what is most conducive to the way your guests are being served. Is it buffet style or served by waitstaff? How will options be presented to guests? Working with seasoned wedding caterers will help make dinner service a success and delicious.

As for what to actually serve, factor in a natural choice based on your appetizers as well as your personal favorites. Consider as well that the dish will be made in large quantities and in a bit of a time crunch. Popular entrees to consider are:

Chilean sea bass


Braised short ribs

Pork shoulder

Roasted Duck

Catering Questions

While considering your catering menu, utilize your wedding caterers to the fullest and come prepared with questions. For Miami wedding catering, Best Miami Weddings offers incredible 5 star catering with mouthwatering options. Good questions to ask while meeting together are below!

Do they have a legendary specialty they recommend?

Do they foresee any issues with your top food choices?

Are they working any other events that day?

Do they provide waitstaff?

Are they licensed?

Who will coordinate the timing and dining service?

Where is the food prepared?

What is the pricing breakdown and what are the possible extras fees?

When do we do our tastings?

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