Your wedding is an amazing moment for you and your future husband, but it is also one of the more stressful times in a life together with him. You have a list of things to do that is never ending. You can eliminate much of the stress with the help of  a wedding planner. Nelly, one of the best wedding planner in Miami, wrote this wedding planner checklist to choose the right coordinator for you:

Wedding Planner Checklist Begins With A Choice

What type of service do you need? That is an important question that you need to know the answer. A wedding planner is ready to handle every detail of your perfect wedding day: reception, venue, decorating, florists and caterers, and generally looking after every detail of your big day.

Meet Your Wedding Planner

Set up some interviews to introduce yourself to the coordinator before your wedding day. A good wedding planner should be able to provide a work history that gives you confidence in their skills, and should also be able to provide recommendations from past satisfied clients.

Check Your Budget

Last tip for this wedding planner checklist:Be sure that your wedding planner understands your budget. Set a budget with your coordinator for your special day. A good wedding planner has contacts with a variety of vendors and caterers so that can provide the best service at the best price for you.

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