Your wedding is absolutely a very important outfit day for yourself but then, your gracefulness is never complete unless you make your bridal train as graceful as you are. You can imagine looking like an Angel in the midst or dressed demons and people would lose concentration and imagine you as a self-centered person that you probably are.

The bridesmaid choice of gown will determine their mood for the day, you should probably consult them for a collective choice of attire; I mean, someone cannot be uncomfortable and still smile all day, the anxiety and uncomfortable will show their walks and dance movements.

Whether you are going for a long gown or long gown

The theme of your wedding should play a vital role in the selection of wedding colors. Below are the trending styles and wedding colors I have put together for you.

Ethereal/Heavenly Peace

If you are interested in a quiet wedding, these colour are just so perfect for your big day. consider the simplicity and the not so pronounced upper part of the gown. For a quiet and peaceful day, this is your choice, dear family.

bridesmaid during wedding


If you did not hire your bridesmaids, if you have been friends/sister for ages. you are all the same. you are showing the world your union; even marriage cannot separate your love life. At least Boo should know that the girls still have her back and be cool with us too; your perfect colour is white.


bridesmaid during wedding



If you see the train in pink, just know that they are fashion gurus and would never have a dull moment. Only big chicks rock pink. Remember also that the off shoulder gowns are in vogue chicks.

bridesmaid during wedding


Some how the colour yellow had taken the lead at weddings to the extent that it can serve for any kind of wedding that you will wish to have. Just find a style.

bridesmaid in yellow

Winning Team

All these working class girls choose blue and I don’t know why. Maybe they don’t even know when they do this. Blue are for winners and successful women who had just come to support a friend. it is a perfect wedding colour that not just anybody can rock. You have to be rich to stay in blue because it just has to do with class.

bridesmaid in blue


Sexy and Fab

The colour red is killing. It is so perfect who may likely change your mind if you attend a red themed event. It is ageless and still leading wedding colour. You can never go wrong,red as it suits all body colour.

Presently I see people mix this colour with gold or milk colour and it still comes out nice.

bridesmaid fashion


A lot of people knows what to choose in terms of wedding colors but will have difficulties in choosing a style. This post is dedicated to all brides who knows how the lower part of the gown should look like (long or short) but have difficulties in choosing a sleeve or something. I hope this post helps.






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