If you’re thinking about tying the knot during the Christmas holiday but don’t want to be bogged down with possible snow and earmuffs over your veil, Miami is the perfect location. More than just a city with vibrant nightlife and the former home of Lebron James, Miami holds romance, rich history, and warm weather all year around. Whether you’re in search of a city, church, or beach backdrop, Miami has the venues and vendors to make your Christmas-time wedding a holiday to remember.

Christmas in the City

The Miami skyline offset by open waters make for some breathtaking pictures. Choosing a high-rise venue in the city will give your wedding a distinctive downtown feel with city views your guests will never forget. For downtown holiday weddings, plan for an evening affair to make the most of Miami nightlife and bright city lights. Let the city lights be your nod to Christmas lights without being over the top. A place like the Alfred I. Dupont Building is a great place to start your search.

Keep in mind that in the weeks leading up to Christmas, hotels will likely be decorated for the holiday. If possible, speak to the hotel or your wedding planner about how it will be decorated to get a feel for what will already be set up. Your actual reception (and ceremony if you’re having it there) will likely be left bare for you to style yourself, but double check since Christmas will be looming.

Classic Church Affair

If city-living isn’t your scene, Miami has some of the most romantic and historically rich churches in the country. From the old world European charm of the Saint George Cathedral Hall to the unforgettable stone walls of the Spanish Monastery, Miami’s church options are as romantic as they are holy.

Like with hotels, check on your church decorations ahead of time. You may have to work around an existing nativity scene so be prepared to tone down the holiday theme if necessary. Many churches have such ornate buildings that you may find less is more with the Christmas inspiration. Keep the holiday theme simple with tasteful red bouquets or touches of evergreen.

Christmas Wedding on the Beach

It goes without saying that Miami has some of the best beaches in the world. Vogue just named Miami one of the top 10 winter wedding destinations for this very reason and your guests will never forget experiencing Christmas on the beach. Green topped palm trees and white seashells lend to the Christmas spirit; let nature be the star of this outdoor wedding.

To Do’s:

Start making deposits and reservations well in advance. Miami is a popular place for Christmas so get the jump on venues.

Check with your venue and all vendors to be sure they do Christmas Day/Eve/Week weddings before proceeding. For example, we at Best Miami Weddings offer services on Christmas Day itself.

Decide how Christmas-inspired you want to be and stick to it. Don’t give into the temptation to make it a Christmas party!

Remind yourself that winter in Miami is unlike anywhere else. Temperatures will be in the perfect high 60’s to low 80’s so explore that outdoor space.

A Very Miami Christmas Tips:

Feature an on-site cigar roller

Serve Cuban or Cuban-inspired dishes

Make plans to explore the Miami night scene

Serve coquito – a Miami holiday tradition!

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