Those fortunate enough to be planning a marriage in Miami in the near future will be saying their vows in one of the most gorgeous locations on Earth. Balmy blue skies above azure waters provide the frame for weddings on the beach or in any one of the city’s glorious green spaces. Indoor brides have an abundance of venues from which to choose, including charmingly rustic seaside cottages to the grandest possible houses of worship. Naturally, the options for Miami wedding flowers are equally varied.

Beach Wedding Flowers

Brides who exchange vows with their beloveds on the beach should carry a vibrant handful of brilliant tropical blooms. Orchids, frangipani, and hibiscus combine beautifully to form a lovely tropical-themed bouquet that provides an island accent to any wedding day. Tropical Miami wedding flowers are also usually quite fragrant and mingle nicely with sea breezes.

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Seaside Cottage Wedding

If you’re getting married in a charming seaside cottage brimming with nostalgic accents and shabby chic, you should polish off the ambiance by carrying an armful of fresh wildflowers as you walk to the altar. Thanks to modern greenhouse growing technology and the ability to ship fresh flowers to any point of the globe, you can have a bridal bouquet of wildflowers even in the dead of winter. Many different types of wildflowers exist, so ask your local florist what he or she recommends. Wildflowers range from delicate alpine beauties such as forget-me-nots and daisies to flamboyant sunflowers and black-eyed-Susans.

Park Weddings

If you’re getting married in the park, your bouquet should be composed of garden flowers such as snapdragons, sweet peas, carnations, lobelia, marigolds, salvia, dahlias, and zinnias and any combination of others that give a casual and colorful vibe. The trick is to craft a bouquet that looks like it’s freshly picked from a beautiful flower garden. Just like with wildflowers, your florist will be able to provide you with a wide selection of traditional garden flowers no matter what time of year you’re getting married.

Formal Church Weddings

Nothing complements a traditional marriage ceremony in a formal church than a classic bouquet of long-stemmed, deep red roses accented with sparkling white baby’s breath. If roses aren’t your style, you can choose from among many other types of bouquets fit for a formal ceremony. Lilies, for instance, make a sophisticated statement, and you can’t go wrong with carrying an armful of stately irises down the aisle. Mixed bouquets of peonies are another elegant option.

For more information on selecting the Miami wedding flowers that best suit your individual needs and preferences as well as thoroughly complementing your wedding venue, please feel free to contact your local florist at your earliest convenience.

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