Her wedding day is always one of the most important events in the life of every woman. Many brides go to their first bridal salon and have big dreams of finding their fairytale wedding dress, but they quickly get disappointed. They try bridal dresses after dresses, but when they slip into a dress it just doesn’t fit their dream. They know that something is not quite right, but they don’t know exactly what. If this happens to you, the style may not be the problem, but the dress color.

A princess on your wedding day: wedding dress color

Although the traditional choice is a pure white bridal dress, the reality is that few women can successfully wear pure white. Many skin tones look either washed out or weak next to pure white. However, there are countless shades of white and cream, which are ideal for wedding gowns and yet still remain traditional. Choosing one of these colors can make your skin come alive and let your eyes shine through.

But how do you choose the right color for your wedding dress to feel like a beautiful princess on your wedding day? There are a few different colors that fit your body just right!


Stark White

The brightest white color you can get. This white color is best achieved with synthetic fabrics (satin, taffeta and polyester blends). This color looks beautiful against dark skin or fair or yellowundertones in the skin. White is most desirable for winter weddings or brightly colored ceremonies which have a lot of pop.
Wedding dress

Natural white

Also called “Silk White” or “Diamond White”. It looks pretty much the same as Stark White on pictures, but it is much more flattering on most skin tones (especially skin with yellow undertones). Diamond White is considered the best alternative to true white. It is a softer color that is easier to carry provides a light and clean look.Wedding dress


Also referred to as “Eggshell” or “Candlelight”, some ivory bridal dresses have a yellow undertone, making them look creamy. Fair skin tones and women with a pink undertone look best in yellow-ivory.wedding dress


Has pink and golden undertones, but looks almost white in photographs. These colors are perfect for many skin tones, because they have a softer undertone and give a warm glow.Champaign


There is no rule that states you can’t wear what you want. In recent years, designers have designed dresses in soft shades of lavender.  Choose pink or even blue colors in the details: embroidery, lace and satin bands. If your complexion gets totally washed out by white- no matter what shade- send up the white flag and try a color.


Whatever color you choose for your wedding day, you will look unbelievably gorgeous in your wedding dress! 

Photo credit: Michelle’s Bridal Tuxedo

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