As if planning a wedding isn’t difficult enough, organizing a lesbian wedding is certainly a unique challenge.
As you may have noticed, lesbian marriages have gained a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Increasingly, many states in the US have legalized lesbian marriage. The recent repeal of DOMA requires all fifty states to recognize lesbian marriages.
It turns out that large lesbian marriages have many obstacles when it comes to planning the wedding, but it can also be an unique experience. There are five wedding tips to know about planning a lesbian wedding.

  1. Who will wear the engagement ring?

    Either, or both of you, can wear an engagement ring. It is a personal decision that should not be limited to one person simply because that person proposed before the other.

  2. Who pays for the wedding?

    Tradition dictates that the bride’s family pays for the wedding. But what if there are two brides or no briScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 2.56.03 PMde at all? You can avoid an awkward situation and split the bill. Or, if your family wants to help, they could give a cash donation to you and your partner.

  3. It costs a lot of money

    Food, drinks, decor…there are many things you don’t think about. Planning a giant lesbian wedding can cause a severe breech in your bank account.
    But it’s also a plus point: some suppliers might give a discount. It appears that some companies are so enthusiastic about the recently adobted laws of equality in this country that they want to celebrate it with us.

  4. You have to deal with family

    The creation of an invitation list is always difficult. It might be more complicated in this case as there are undoubtedly people in the family who are less excited about attending a lesbian marriage. At the end of the day you and your partner will be surrounded by people who want to celebrate it with you, that is the most important part of the day, your love for each other.

  5. Matching two dresses is IMPOSSIBLE

    If you both want to wear a dress, I will warn you of this: the color white has approximatly 203.948.937,84 tones, and you only have about three combinations of dresses that fit OK together. And suits can be just as troublesome.

One of the best things about a lesbian wedding is that it is already more a modern party. The main point to keep in mind when planning a lesbian wedding is a simple one: lesbian weddings are the same as straight weddings.

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