Spanish monastery weddings are the new trend across the world and they are something that are definitely worth considering when it comes time to choose your next wedding experience. Here’s why you should definitely get a Spanish monastery for your wedding day if you can afford it.

Finding One Can Be Exciting

While many couples dread looking for a place to hold their wedding, looking for a great Spanish monastery in Miami can be a fun way to get together, plan your wedding, and even have a little vacation fun.

There are multiple Spanish monasteries in the area and choosing one can be tricky. As a result, exploring the area to find one is a great way to not only find the wedding location of your dreams, but to create a once-in-a-lifetime vacation opportunity for you and your loved one.

Spanish Monasteries Are Unique

Some Spanish monasteries are hundreds of years old and have incredible history behind them. For example, de El Escorial Monastery was built in 1557 by King Phillip II after he won his first battle in France. It was designed to look like the temple of King Solomon and remains an intriguing and wonderful piece of Spanish history.

Visiting a monastery like this will help expand your cultural knowledge and fascinate all attendees. You’ll make their visit something that will be memorable for years to come and which will create awesome memories for yourself and your spouse.

A Variety Of Wedding Types Are Available

You might think that only religious or sacred weddings are allowed in Spanish monasteries. That’s simply not true! They have expanded to allow a wide range of wedding types, from very religious, to non-denomination, and even non-religious weddings.

There are also a variety of wedding ceremony types available, including various chapels. Some even include garden weddings that are gorgeous and engaging in the summer. In many instances, receptions are held near the monastery as a way of allowing you to spend time visiting it and to have fun with friends and family on your wedding day.

It Creates A Gorgeous And Unforgettable Experience

How many people do you know who have gotten married in a traditional church in their hometown? There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t create a very unique experience. Going to a Spanish monastery for a wedding will create a unique moment that everyone involved will never forget.

For example, just think of how many people you know who have gotten married in a Spanish monastery. Chances are you probably know no more than one or two. There’s a good chance you don’t know anyone who has gone this route. As a result, you will be a trend-setter and someone who your friends will look up to for their unique ideas.

Final Thoughts

A wedding ceremony in a Spanish monastery is something that you will never forget. Make sure to call ahead to ensure you find one that is open for your wedding. Remember: these monasteries are getting very popular and time is of the essence!

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