If you’re bride-to-be there’s a lot to plan! One of those things you have to experience before the big day, is having a bachelorette party! It goes without saying that one of the most exciting things to look forward to after getting engaged (besides the wedding, ofcourse) is planning this party. A lovely weekend with your closest friends, loving family and.. Ofcourse, champagne! And by the end, you got some great memories to share and that no one will ever forget.

And we have some tips for you, to help you organize that unforgettable bachelorette party for the bride! Make sure you organize this with some friends, but it all starts by deciding the city. It could be a place where the bride grew up and have a meaning to her. Or it could be a city that she never visited but always wanted to. But no matter what place you decided, it will be a fun night.
Choose the guest wisely. Think about her closest friends (which you are probably one of). But also about really close family. And if you don not know who you have to invite, just ask the bride-to-be about a guestlist. Make sure everyone you invite is someone she feels comfortable ‘’letting loose’’ with. We don not want her enemy at the party, right?!

When you haven chosen the guests and the city, you can go to the fun part. Just like the wedding, you can also decide for a theme. Think about the things she really loves, like chocolate (ofcourse), or about a passion she has. And think about something she and you got to where what is related to the theme. Wear the funniest outfits you can possibly think about! And laugh about it all day. Sounds good right? But when you decided the theme, you can go think about..

Have a great bachelorette partyThe activities! This is actually what the day is about! It’s the good part of the day. When you think about a bachelorette party, you don not have to do it like the Hangover. You can also think about some relaxing things. Opening presents, go shopping, a picnic, have a drink and have a sleepover. A really girly and lovely day. And to make this day even more lovely, you can get a workshop. It’s just what the bride wants to, but you can also organize a more wild party. Where the night ends in the morning (but make sure you don not end up with a tattoo in your face.. ;)).


And when the day finished and you guys wish it was still the day before, you can give the bride a special gift that remembers her about the bachelorette party. Make sure someone made pictures during the day and give her a selfmade book. And every year you guys come together, you open the book and share the memories you had about the party.

P.s. don not forget the rule: What happens at a bachelorette party, stays at a bachelorette party!

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