The following top rated wedding venues in Miami Florida allow for this amazing experience: Aqua Reception Hall, Grand Reception Halls & Ballrooms, Coral Gables Country Club, Curtiss Mansion and Vista Lago Ballroom.

Aqua Reception Hall

At Aqua Reception Hall, the newly married couple can celebrate their special day in comfort and elegance. An open floor plan is featured, allowing you to configure the perfect scenario for your special day. The hall features a neutral color scheme, so the perfect American wedding can be created. Elegant lighting adds to the romantic ambiance.

Grand Reception Halls & Ballrooms

Over 5300 square feet offered at the Grand Reception Halls & Ballrooms provides for the perfect space for a dream American wedding. Included at the Hall is the Welcome Cocktail area, as well as the opulent Grand Salon. The reception hall is transformed into the space of your dreams for your big day. The hall will be decorated with flowers and Royal Colors, and the main floor has raised confers for your guests to watch the exchange of vows. The Grand Reception Halls & Ballrooms also provides an in-house chef, who will great an elegant dinner, and a state of the art dance floor.

Coral Gables Country Club

Coral Gables Country Club consists of 40,000 square feet that boast a beautiful Mediterranean style exterior. There are coral stone waterfalls, crystal chandeliers, and black marble foyers that will impress and please any future bride. The bride can choose between the grand ballroom and two satellite banquet rooms, so you can pick whichever is perfect for your special day. This venue offers floor to ceiling glass walls, colored florals, and a poolside patio. This venue is every bride’s dream wedding.

The Curtiss Mansion

Any bride will absolutely love the Curtiss Mansion. This historic venue was built in 1925, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Your wedding will be the picture of perfection with this venue’s unique architecture and tropical landscaping. The ceremony can be held at the shaded grove, in front of a picturesque bridge, or beneath the charming stone archway. The reception can then be held either indoors or outdoors in the beautiful courtyard. The setting at this venue is how every bride imagines her special day.

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The Vista Lago Ballroom

The Vista Lago Ballroom is an elegant stand-alone building that will provide any bride the wedding she’s always dreamed of. There are 24-foot ceilings, five crystal chandeliers, and a 24 foot illuminated lake fountain. A hardwood floor is the perfect setting for dancing and dinner. The tables will be set with floral centerpieces and there is a patio that overlooks the lake. This stunning venue will satisfy the needs of every bride.

These 5 venues are all in Miami and provide a dream wedding setting for anyone.

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