Wedding planning already comes with a certain amount of special stress, but holiday weddings tend to add a particular layer of eventfulness to the process. While your guests may receive your save-the-dates with a bit of an eye roll, the holiday wedding can be special, tasteful, and an event that everyone remembers fondly. When tackling the holiday wedding, there are certainly pitfalls to avoid and avenues to pursue no matter what part of the calendar your nuptials fall on.


Do acknowledge the holiday your wedding falls on without letting your wedding be overtaken by it. If you have chosen to move forward with a holiday date, do acknowledge and own the decision. The holiday itself lends a natural influence but should not be the driving force behind every decision.

There are so many chances to allow yourself to be overtaken by the holiday, but decide beforehand what your decor, colors, and flowers will look like in order to avoid a complete holiday takeover. Your wedding can give subtle nods to the holiday without looking like a full-on July 4th party instead of romantic wedding reception.

For example, if your wedding is planned for July 4th, do not allow yourself to go overboard with red, white, and blue placemats, tablecloths, and napkins complete with American flag centerpieces. Instead, use one July 4th inspired color with a twist to accent and compliment your decor.

Do be particularly mindful of your guests. Almost every national holiday is a popular time for pre-planned travel to be with family. Give guests ample notice by planning to send out a timely save-the-date card with accommodation options in the area. This piece will be particularly important for a holiday wedding as hotel space can be limited by non-wedding related holiday travels. Be prepared for some guests not to attend due to a prior engagement no matter how far in advance you send your invitations.


Don’t accidentally throw a holiday party instead of a wedding. At the reception, be careful to avoid holiday themed music like Christmas carols or the National Anthem that will quickly plunge your reception into party territory.

If your date is planned for something like Mother’s Day, do not give into any unnecessary pressure to celebrate the holiday. It is your special day and celebrate it freely! You will undoubtedly spend a good amount of money on your day so keep your original purpose in mind. You are there to celebrate your love, not Mother’s Day.

Don’t be surprised by inflated prices. This goes for all vendors including caterers, wait staff, party rentals, and floral arrangements. Party vendors will likely have to pay staff overtime to work on a holiday which will be reflected in your final bill. Hotels face peak times during the holidays so venue rentals and hotel accommodations will likely be higher than usual. Any out-of-town wedding guests will feel this heat as well if they are booking a hotel room or airfare for the wedding.

How to tie a holiday into your wedding

Here are some ideas below of how to use a holiday to enhance your wedding:

New Year’s Eve: Black tie with a late reception which includes plenty of sparkle

Valentine’s Day: Sweet treat parting gifts with chocolate kisses and truffles

Easter: Adorn your ceremony and venue with in season flowers like daffodils and tulips

July 4th: End the night with fireworks or individual sparklers

Thanksgiving: Fall harvest inspired centerpieces

Christmas/Christmas Eve: Peppermint themed dessert in addition to wedding cake

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