Hindu Weddings: Planning A Traditional Indian Wedding

A wedding is always a very special occasion. It calls for the perfect food and venue as well as a multitude of other details. The couple and their family will often want traditional customs incorporated into their special event, but this requires the right wedding planner. They need someone who not only has the ability to put together the perfect event, but who can also provide traditional food and cultural aspects which will create the right environment for the event. In this article we are going to speak about Hindu weddings in Miami.

Fortunately, Best Miami Weddings has over 13 years’ experience providing beautiful weddings in the Miami area. If you’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in providing Indian weddings in Miami, let us show you how we can help make your wedding something extraordinarily memorable. We’ll work with you to include regional Indian favorites as well as making sure important traditions aren’t overlooked.

Indian Wedding Feast

Traditionally, an Indian wedding feast will begin with an assortment of delicious appetizers. In order to cater to all guests, there should be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers from which guests can choose. The main course will usually consist of four or five vegetable dishes, traditional breads, dals and pulao as well as a variety of salads and condiments. Of course, the main course will also be selected with a nod towards regional flavors.

We understand what is necessary for traditional Indian Kalyanam weddings, and we’ll work with the wedding couple and their family to determine the main course that not only reflects their native region, but also their own personal tastes. We know that food is a big part of such an important celebration and our professional staff will be there every step of the way to ensure great tasting Indian dishes will spotlight the importance of the occasion.

When it comes to elegant traditional Indian weddings, sumptuous food and a beautiful display are absolutely essential. Our experienced planners and staff know how to ensure that no detail is overlooked.


Following Tradition

Traditional customs for Indian weddings include the exciting arrival of the groom. Often times, the groom will arrive in a limousine or other luxury car and will be accompanied by his relatives, family and friends. The Baraat includes music, dancing and fireworks. Arranging all of the details for the groom’s arrival is something that our experienced wedding planners and staff will handle effortlessly. We know what needs to be done for a beautiful Indian wedding and we’ll make sure the wedding is everything you have been dreaming of.

Other traditions of the Indian wedding that can easily be handled by our staff include games, such as the ball of knots that the bride and groom will untie together, using only one hand each. This fun tradition helps symbolize their commitment to one another. We’ll work with the family to incorporate all of the things they want in the wedding.

Indian Wedding Specialists

We specialize in making sure your wedding day is remarkable. We’ll make sure everything from the venue, music and food are taken care of. We know that beautiful Indian weddings in Miami take a great deal of planning, but our professional staff knows how to get it done right. We also know how to manage any little problems that might crop up at the last minute. Whether it’s making sure the table decorations are just right or that the garlands for the bride and groom are in place, your special day will be perfect when you choose a luxurious wedding event planned by Best Miami Weddings. Are you looking for Hindu weddings? You are in the right place!

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