With the new year upon us, new wedding trends in Miami take shape as old ones start to fade with 2015. From seating to lighting to floral arrangements, clear and exciting trends are emerging.

BridalGuide.com dives into these in their recent article and most exciting for 2016 is the rise of individuality and personal touches for upcoming weddings. Explore wedding trends of the moment below!

Let There Be Light

A true standout piece to any event is lighting and weddings are no different. Wedding ceremony and reception lighting is especially important so you can set the mood and tone for your guests right away. Are you going rustic romantic or moody glam? Let your lighting do the talking.

Lights of the moment? Try chandeliers or candelabras for a romantic and completely on-trend glow. They create soft lighting that will backlight you like an angel and create a soft, romantic setting. Whether your decor is vintage, modern, or French sophistication, chandeliers and candelabras can be found to fit just about any vibe.

On the flip side, stripped down Edison bulbs are also starting to steal the spotlight. These bare bulbs are surprisingly elegant, creating light in all the right places. Create gorgeous pendant clusters over dining areas for a simple and antique feel that will compliment many styles.

Seating Real Estate

There is no rule that says your guests must eat at circle tables in assigned seats but for years this has been the go-to layout. Break free from the chains of circular tables. Instead, opt for the intimate setting of a long community table. Depending on the size of your wedding, integrate several rectangular table sizes and allow your guests to sit where they like. It will be a fun way to get everyone together instead of separating wedding party, family, and friends into different areas.

Flowers are a Girl’s Best Friend

Your floral arrangements are a great way to incorporate your personality and history as a couple. Stay on trend and share a piece of yourselves by selecting flowers from your local area. This can be particularly romantic if you and your fiancé are from different cities; combine freshly picked and carefully planned wildness for a fun and meaningful bouquet.

If flowers aren’t your style, no problem! There is room for every type of wedding planning preference this year. Now more than ever couples are incorporating delicious herbs like mint and basil or in-season fruits into centerpieces. Pick your favorite edible pieces and let your centerpieces create themselves. Remind your guests that these herbs are show herbs!

Happy Hour

Many guest’s favorite part of wedding festivities is the cocktail portion. Leave them happy and entertained with the currently trending customized his and hers cocktails. Instead of an open bar option, let guests who you may not know well see a bit of your fun side through your personal drink choice. This will loosen people up, get them talking, and give people (and yourself!) fun drinking options. Dig deep and figure out exactly which cocktail is most you. Jalapeño Mojito to showcase your spiciness? Colonial Hot Buttered Rum as an homage to your love of history? The alcohol possibilities are endless.

Let’s Eat!

Like everything else in life, food service is susceptible to changing trends. While funky food stations like hot chocolate bars and make-your-own sundae stations were all the rage in the last couple years, a more traditional served dinner option is coming back in. Mix up the service with dinner carts filled with fun options. Customize your dinner fare and include personal favorites as a couple along with crowd pleasers. Especially trendy is including local favorites like Maryland crabcakes or cultural favorites from your family heritage. Guests are sure to love this personal and deliciously fun twist!

No matter where your wedding planning takes you in 2016, incorporating your personal taste is wonderfully on trend. Tell your story as a couple through little nods and subtle decor choices. You’ll be conveniently with the times and make your wedding more personal and intimate.

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