Where are the best venues located for weddings in Miami? If you’re a bride-to-be and looking for the hottest places in Miami to have your dream wedding, look no further because we’ve got it covered! Here are the best Miami wedding venues to plan your dream wedding!

Is Your Dream Miami Wedding Venue Located on the Beach?

Check out The Bath Club! The Bath Club is located on Miami Beach and includes a boardroom, a courtyard, and a beautiful ballroom! What better way to get married than to get hitched in front of a romantic and scenic view of the ocean! Guests should have plenty of room at this amazing venue that overlooks the entire ocean!

Do you like being surrounded by an area that is full of exciting plant life and peaceful ambiance, coupled with beautiful lighting? Ever heard of the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens? This Miami Wedding Venue can accommodate between 100 and 300 guests. This venue includes a large beautiful koi pond, and tropical plant life. If you are an outdoor junkie, or just love being outside and want a wedding day that is as in touch with nature as you are, than the Miami Beach Botanical Garden venue is perfect for your wild side!

The Alfred L. Dupont Building is another Miami Wedding Venue gem, which is located in an amazing skyscraper that towers over Miami! The building includes beautifully high ceilings, luxury in every corner, and ornate ballrooms, doors, and ceilings. The floor is covered in marble that just would pale in comparison to the veil that was trailing from the lucky bride that walks across its floors! If price isn’t an option and neither is luxury, than this venue is right for you!

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a beautifully large estate with a well kept garden area that includes sculpted mazes, bushes, and which looks like it was taken from a scene of “Alice In Wonderland”!. it is indeed a wonderland, including looking ponds, a view overlooking the oceans, and walkways lined with trees along it’s beautifully kept ground. It is an ideal location for a fairytale wedding, just begging to have string lights hung from tree to tree and your favorite beautiful flowers arranged in an accompaniment to the beauty that surrounds it! Let this amazing Miami wedding venue be the backdrop to the wedding day of your dreams!

Are You Creative, and Would you Like Your Wedding to be The Same?

Do you love the visual arts? The Temple House features an interactive light show and is an art deco dream! Watch the walls come alive in this Miami Wedding venue and have your wedding become as much of a work of art as your life is! This venue was created by L Murray Dixon, an art deco legend! Accommodate up to 500 guests who will be in awe of this venue! Join the list of celebrities that have frequented this venue and watch your dreams come alive! The venue matches the excitement of Miami and will be forever remembered as the spot where you both said, “I do!”

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