When it comes to the often vexing question about how many people a couple invites to their wedding day, the consensus online should is “as many guests as you can afford.” While a wedding is usually a time of stress, excitement and confusion, there are planners who think “the fewer people invited to a wedding, the better” because more guests mean more effort, expense and the chance that something will go wrong. A couple may argue about how many guests to invite, but the main point is their own commitment of hearts. Thus, the task of preparing a list of who should be invited to a wedding is best left to the bride and groom alone because this is their special day.

Deciding Who to Invite to a Wedding

A wedding day is a very busy day for most couples who’ve planned for this special day for weeks, months and, in some case, even years. While it may seem ridiculous for a bride and groom to argue about whom to invite, a longtime wedding day planner shares this point of view online. The planner said a couple should only invite those guests “they like” because “who wants enemies at a wedding?”

The Best Wedding Checklist for Deciding on a Guest List Includes:

1. Consulting both the bride and groom’s parents and other close family members…

so as to concur on who “must be invited.” The goal is to avoid conflict between the family members involved in the planning of this special day.

2. Sorting Out a Wedding Reception Budget…

so as to determine the number of guests that the couple or the bride’s parents can afford to invite. A longtime wedding planner shared horror stories online about wedding guests being turned away because the reception went over budget.

3. Realize that chances are likely that the bride and groom…

will have to cut down their first guest list draft because of reception budget concerns, the size of a reception venue or fears that it will be impossible to invite more potential guests than is practical or even logical. The size of the guest list does matter.

In general, the best advice from brides and grooms (who’ve shared details of their special day on social networking sites) is to avoid pressures from parents and other family and friends when it comes to guests they think the bridge and groom should invite.

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Guest List Tips from Parents

There are some general rules of thumb perfected by the parents of brides and grooms over the years. For example, there are many parents surveyed who think wedding reception guests must be someone that the bride and groom have talked with or visited with over the past year. Parents are also bullish when it comes to inviting as many grandchildren, nieces and nephews as possible.

Overall, the buck stops with the bride and groom when deciding on the “who” and how many guests they wish to invite.

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