New Trendy Wedding Themes

A black and white striped tablecloth. A bit of metallic sparkle added to your wedding cake frosting. Little polka-dotted bow ties on your groomsmen. These represent just some of the wedding trends you’re bound to see at weddings this year. Style My Pretty suggests that many of the wedding trends we’ll see this year are sleek and modern, but still soft and inviting. If you’re for original ideas to decorate your wedding ceremony take a look at the following list. The ideas on it are trendy, but lovely and can be adapted to a range of settings.

Bring Your Favorite Place With You

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get married in Paris if Paris were your favorite place in the world? Or maybe New York? Or even London? One article suggests that you can even if you never leave town. One of the trendy wedding themes right now is bringing elements of your favorite place to your wedding setting. This might mean getting lovely photos of the Eiffel Tower blown up and then hung up on the walls as a backdrop for your wedding venue. It could also mean replicas of Big Ben or even making copies of famous Broadway show playbills to put on the tables as menus.

Pretty in Shades of Pink

Weddings have a color scheme that most brides don’t want to deviate from. However, it is possible to introduce shades and hues to your wedding colors without changing your overall color palette. For example, if you’ve opted for pink and black as your wedding colors, why not ask the bridesmaids to wear shades of pinks and blacks or grays during your wedding ceremony? calls this graduated shading the “ombre effect.” It adds contrast to your color scheme without deviating from it.

It’s All About Light

Defused ambiance is one of the trends in wedding themes this year. This sort of look is simple to create. It requires subtle lighting, which you can create in a couple of different ways. One way to do it is to put together a display of candles. This might mean creating a shelf of lit candles or candle bouquets on the reception room tables. You can even fill a fireplace with candles of varying heights if a fireplace is available in your wedding venue.

Another way to achieve this fused lighting effect is to light the wedding ceremony with fairy lights and then dim the overhead lights. Naturally, you can also use a combination of these lighting types or many others. You’ll know that you’ve achieved the right effect if the glow in the room looks like that of an old Hollywood movie. Soft and subtle is the name of the game.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Trends

Wedding trends for this year reflect modern sensibilities, clean lines, and soft lighting. These looks are simple, yet elegant and can be made to fit nearly any of the wedding themes you’re considering. Add one or even all of these ideas to your wedding planning guide to create a wedding that fits you and your intended perfectly.

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