If you are a future bride, you are most likely in the middle of a thousand preparations for the big special day. You are probably thinking about your dress, your makeup, the flowers, the set-up, and the location. A key thing to remember in all of your planning is the wedding reception and more importantly, the wedding food that you will be serving.

Whether you get married in a church or have the ceremony on the beach, you will always have to organize a wedding reception that not only fits your guests, but also that suits your needs. This goes for the wedding food as well. While you will want to think about what they may like to eat as many people enjoy weddings and especially wedding food, you should also think about what your favorite dishes are to ensure that the entire wedding day is to you and your new spouse`s liking. After all, this day is all about you and your love and your guests are there simply to admire.

Ideas for a Great Wedding Menu

You most likely have gone to many weddings and know what a typical wedding meal consists of, but in case you are a little rusty on what to prepare for, here are some ideas for you to keep in mind when preparing for the big event and its big meal.

The wedding reception is about toasts, and drinks, and dances, but a big part of it is also the meal. With that in mind, you will want to make sure to make it a three-course meal at the very least.

There are a couple of different menu ideas that you can choose from. Some brides like to go for a full meal that includes a starter such as a soup or something light, followed by a salad of some sort, with an entrée arriving after, and of course finishing with a dessert. Other brides may opt for simplicity by serving an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. These brides typically make sure that the entrée is highly satisfying and filling. Another option that brides like is where a starter is served and then the entrée accompanied by some extras, such as bread or potatoes are some type of pleasant addition to the already delicious meal, ending with a light dessert.

What are Some Wedding Foods you May Like?

Brides and grooms often like to make the wedding menu something they wouldn’t typically eat on a regular basis and it makes perfect sense. With wedding meal budgets often being high, you want to make sure it is a meal that you and your guests will not forget.

Here are some typical yet delicious entrees that you may want to serve at your wedding:

  • Filet mignon with a side of seasoned potatoes and savory sauce to accompany it.
  • Ahi Tuna accompanied with oysters and accompanied by rice and sauce to add texture.
  • Chicken accompanied by delicious pasta such with toppings like four cheeses or a creamy sauce.
  • Grilled salmon served with a side of potatoes or savory vegetables such as asparagus or a blend of fresh greens.

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 Another idea that many brides are going for nowadays is to set up stations of a variety of courses and types of foods. One station may have seafood, while another could be Italian themed, and yet another might be made up of Japanese cuisine. This idea helps brides to be sure that all of their guests are able to partake of something that will most definitely enjoy.

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