A wedding in Miami can be amazing. At Best Miami Weddings (www.bestmiamiweddings.com) we love the music and we have an amazing playlist for every wedding! The lively atmosphere of the city, beautiful locations, and proximity to the ocean are just a few reasons brides fawn over the idea of marrying their special one in this place where lifelong memories are made. To make a Miami wedding really memorable, brides should choose the best songs to play at a wedding or reception in order to enhance the overall experience.

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Stick with the Lively and Upbeat

Brides will want something romantic to be played at their wedding in Miami, of course, but this is not a location for an abundance of slow-moving love songs. The best songs are those which reflect the lively, upbeat culture of the city. Miami is all about living life to the fullest, and the music selection should match that. Choose music that celebrates the glories of love and passion and a zest for life. Give a listen to artists such as Pitbull to get a feel for the Miami sound and choose a playlist accordingly.

Give the guests something to dance to remember that a wedding in Miami is an all-day, all-night affair. Long after the actual ceremony is over, wedding guests will want to party the night away at the reception. Even those who don’t do a lot of dancing will feel the need to get their groove on in Miami. This means including a great selection of dance music. Mix it up so that guests are given intermittent opportunities to slow the pace, grab a drink from the bar, and mingle.

Mind the Rhythm of the Night

Spending just a few hours in Miami will give most brides a feel for the unique ebbs and flows of the city. It has its own rhythm, it’s own heartbeat. When choosing songs for a wedding, the arrangement is important. Begin with full-on party mixes and then taper off to more intimate selections as the night goes on and guests begin to drift off with memories of a wonderful day.

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