Finding the perfect bouquet for your big day can prove to be a challenge. Brides must sift through thousands of florals, scents and colors to find the perfect arrangement for their special day. Scheduling several meetings with your florist can help make sure that your wedding flowers are not only beautiful, but a reflection of your personal style.

Best Miami Weddings’ Wedding Planner Nelly Taveras shares her:

Top 6 Mistakes Brides Make When it Comes to Flowers:

Close-minded Conversations

Many times, when brides come to the florist, they have an idea in their mind of what they want their arrangements to look like. While having an idea is important, brides can sometimes be too focused on their vision and not open for suggestions.  Sometimes, for example, the bride’s specific flowers are not in season or do not match with the other flowers, and a florist can help with that.  Nelly recommends that a bride meets with her florist several times before the big day to decide on the style of flowers.

Surprise Floral Arrangements

Flowers set the scene for your ceremony and reception.  Nelly recommends brides review the approved flower arrangement more than twice before the Wedding. That way, the florist can make any changes that the bride requests. You don’t want any surprises on your big day.

One Color Choice

Sometimes brides choose only one color for their flowers, but having only one color throughout all your floral arrangements may come off bland. Nelly suggests choosing at least 2-3 different colors to give your flowers that wow-factor.

Tiny Flower Budget

If a bride has visions of roses, peonies and gardenias, then she should plan her budget for them. Flowers can be very expensive and some brides do not account for these costs in their budget. Nelly suggests double-checking your budget before working with a florist. Then research to see how much your favorite flowers will cost before you have your heart set on a specific assortment.

Highly Aromatic Arrangements

Although some flowers are beautiful, they do tend to have a strong scent. Guests may get a headache from smelling the highly-aromatic arrangements. Choose flowers that are sweet-smelling, but balance them with flowers that won’t overpower your guests.

The Bride’s Height

Nelly recommends keeping the bride’s height in mind when selecting bouquets.  If the bride is short, don’t use long-stemmed flower arrangements. Long stems will make the bride and the dress seem disproportional. The florist will know the perfect height of the flowers for the height of the bride.

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