A new year, the year that you will marry the love of your life! To make this day even more beautiful, special and unforgettable we searched for those trends you absolutely can not miss at your wedding.

First of all, we found this lovely trend about the guestbook. A book that is as important to be at your wedding as the weddingdress of the bride. Besides pictures and videos is a guestbook a lovely way to regularly remind yourself to your special day. Where footage gives you a global overview of the day, a guestbook gives you those personal messages from your friends and family.

But just a boring book with handwritings and casual messages is not what we expect in 2016, right? There are way more creatives ways than just a book! What do you think about a little vintage? Just set the table with a (working) typewriter, search for beautiful paper and let the guests type a message about their experience of your wedding! And at the end, you can make a book from it. Which makes it even more personal, because you can decide by yourself what the cover and the book itself is going to look like. But do you still think this vintage theme needs a little touch? Score an old fashion Polaroid camera and let the guests decorate their paper with pictures, and the results will amaze you!

Trending wedding ideas for this year

Idea of the guestbook! We are in L♥VE with this vintage

It wouldn’t be 2016 if there was no sign of social media involved. Instagram is actually really hot for your wedding! But how? Easy! You just ask your guests if they want to post a picture (or two, or three..) of your wedding at Instagram and let them use the #hashtag that you made up. Think about #MrAndMrsCole or #MyBestMiamiWedding. To let people notice about this whole Instagram idea you can hang up some signs (which is also a little bit of decoration). And the next day, you have got a range of pictures that your dearest friends and family took, which is also quite funny to watch.

What a fun touch to your wedding! Let’s share it together!

Last but not least, we also found this tasteful trend. What is really a must in 2016, is to hire a foodtruck at your wedding! And who does not love a good bite? Well, we do! There are so many foodtrucks, what even makes it harder to choose one than find one. You can think about the original foodtrucks that make pizza’s, french fries and hotdogs. But there also foodtrucks that serve real meals, like italian food or mexican. If you Google at foodtrucks for a wedding, you find the most creative (and delicious) trucks you have ever seen! And also the combination of the looks –which is also stunning decoration- and food creates an unforgettable atmoshpere.


Absolutely a fundamental element for your wedding! Hmm…getting hungry of this idea.

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