Are you tired of looking through your acquaintances wedding pictures and seeing the same ideas time after time? The same locations, same preparations, and the same set up? Why not do something that sets you apart from the rest? There are plenty of unique wedding ideas that can also work well while planning with a tight wedding budget.

Tie the Knot Where You Had Your First Kiss

Why choose some worn out destination where everyone else has already gotten married? Where thousands of pictures in the same spot have made the idea a tired one? Your first kiss was most likely in your own city where you live and in a very accessible location, helping your wedding costs to be much lower than any destination or exuberant wedding could be.

Of course, not every first kiss is in the most attractive place for a wedding, but when it comes to unique, you can do a lot with that. Perhaps you were in the parking garage after a movie when you had your first kiss. While you may have never thought of getting married in a parking garage, it may be one of the most unique and trendy weddings to have ever happened. Unique wedding ideas are typically the ones that no one else has thought of which makes them that much more special.

It could be that you first kissed in a park after a picnic. This location can make for a very attractive setting, especially if the park has a lake or pond to use as a background during a beautiful sunset. It may not be that Cancun beach wedding, but who needs that when romance mixes with cost-effective wedding planning?

Was your first kiss at your home?

Backyard weddings can actually be highly romantic and cozy, especially when surrounded by those closest to you. You can cut the cost of renting a venue which means you can go all out on the catering from your favorite restaurant or set up unique and beautiful table settings and décor.

Perhaps your first kiss was in your favorite restaurant in the city

Renting a private room or the restaurant itself may be a significant cost, but you can be sure that it is much cheaper than a wedding that requires travel and transport. One thing is certain, you will definitely have a romantic experience while remembering how you felt that first time that you got close to the love of your life.

Unique wedding ideas on a wedding budget may not sound as amazing as some wedding on beautiful sandy beaches or in some exotic location, but they can actually be much more meaningful and beautiful than you could ever imagine. With a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of sentimentality, your wedding in the spot where your first kiss happened will be one that will not only be remembered for years to come, but can look incredible in pictures. Think about it! Click here to have other unique wedding ideas.

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