So you’ve been extraordinarily busy coming up with plans for your wedding. You’ve made your most important choice, the one you’re going to marry. You’ve selected bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, maid of honor and you’ve decided on what everyone will wear. There’s another critical part of planning a wedding that you need to make sure you’ve done, the ceremony checklist.

A Great Wedding Ceremony Checklist Helps Ensure Wedding Success

First, consider the type of wedding ceremony you’re having, what religious faith your ceremony will follow, or whether it’ll be a nontraditional wedding. This is the time to express your individuality, your personalities and to express your newfound unity as a couple. The most important things to include on a ceremony checklist are:

– Marriage License

In many states, you’ll have to plan ahead to get your marriage license. You’ll need to contact your town or city’s clerks office to see exactly what they need to issue a license. The marriage license makes a statement that both of you are legally allowed to marry. Things you’ll normally need to bring include birth certificate, driver’s license or some other type of photo ID, and proof of citizenship. In most places, couples get the marriage license one to two weeks before the wedding ceremony.

– Reading Selections

Choose your reading selections and give them to your wedding officiant before the ceremony. What types of wedding readings do most people choose? It varies from traditional and classic popular readings, to readings that come from literature, the Bible, or any other religious book for ceremonies of any faith. Poetry, or selections from Shakespeare make artistic choices. Some couples even choose humor or favorite song lyrics in this part of the ceremony. It’s entirely up to you.

– Ceremony Music

Make sure you have a list of music that will be played, whether you’re using MP3’s, CD’s or musicians who are playing live.

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– Accessories

Including a basket for your flower girl, a pillow for your ring bearer, an aisle runner to add extra pizzazz and romance, and any accessories you’ll need for special parts of the wedding ceremony. This is especially true if you choose to have a unity ceremony with sand, candles or vases.

– Rings

Have someone trustworthy in charge of your rings. The best man or maid of honor can help with this or a special person attending your wedding ceremony.

– Personalized Vows

One of the biggest trends in weddings is featuring special vows you’ve both written to share. Make sure you have them where they’re accessible when you need them. You can keep them on cards, or even on phones.

Your Personalized List

The idea for a wedding checklist is to be sure you’ve included everything that is most important to you as a couple. These are things that you absolutely must have to make your ceremony a success and everything you’ve dreamed of. Most importantly, remember to smile and to cherish every moment. This is your day!

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