The most important step to planning your wedding ceremony is to begin with a budget that is “doable.” Start with the bottom line figure your budget allows. That helps when scouting for a suitable wedding ceremony site. Decide in advance the style you want your wedding ceremony to project to wedding guests.

Miami is full of wonderful venues that are quite budget-conscious. Keep in mind that the simpler the design of your ceremony, the more it will have a lasting impact and create wonderful memories of a very special time in your lives.

Tips on Best Wedding Budget

You have a wedding budget! The costs for the ceremony, unlike costs for a wedding reception, are limited to the ceremony celebrant and the site. In civil weddings, the celebrant may be a Miami justice of the peace.

In religious ceremonies, it depends on the religion. However, there will be a stipend required. Figure the stipend amount based on the length of the wedding ceremony. For example, in a concelebrated high Mass in a Catholic Cathedral in Miami, the stipend may be higher than for a minister who performs the ceremony on a beach or in a hotel.

It is a good idea to discuss the amount of the expected stipend with the celebrant. This assumes the celebrant is not your regular minister, rabbi or priest associated with your local church.

If you plan a Miami wedding and reside out of state, it is important to get a consensus of these stipends well in advance of the ceremony. To keep your wedding budget in line, compare the cost of stipends in the Miami area.

A Wedding Budget with All the Trimmings

It is possible to allot a specific dollar amount to budgets for a wedding. Try keeping a spreadsheet of wedding expenses. This is a great way to stay current and itemize costs involved in each part of the wedding planning.

Since Miami is such a picturesque venue for a wedding, it is also possible to create a budget and have all the desired extras. For example, set the ceremony for a Miami night club. Most clubs offer their premises at reduced rates in off hours. Ceremonies can be performed in a catering room and then guests can proceed to a reception site.

The size of the room depends on the size of the bridal party and number of guests. Miami is ideal for outdoor weddings given the cooperative climate. Timing of the wedding ceremony is another factor in cost. Ceremonies held mid-morning are usually less costly than those at sunset. Look for sites that have impressive landscape features or picturesque backgrounds.

The Little Extras

Most Miami venues that offer ceremony sites also provide other items at little or no cost. It may surprise some that ceremonial music, flowers and wedding aisle runners which add to budget expenses are often provided for ceremonies exclusively. Ceremonial programs are another item that may be included. These items can pare down costs and help keep budgets for weddings in control. Click here for other ideas!

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