Wedding day! Perhaps the second most important day in a person’s life! The most important day would be the day you were born. But in all the fun and excitement it is easy to forget all the little details that go into making everything go without a hitch. That’s when putting together a wedding checklist can save the day. The following are a list of wedding ideas that will take you from “I can do this” to “I do”.

1. First Things First

The first thing to do is to put together a binder as soon as possible. This will be used for writing everything you can think of and used as a wedding checklist as the big day approaches. As time goes by, you can add or delete items that need to be taken care of. So, let’s look at some wedding ideas that can go into the binder.

2. Budget

Not surprisingly, money is almost always the elephant in the room when planning a party of any kind, and weddings are no exception. You should have a clear picture how much everything will cost. This includes transportation, rental, food and beverages and so on. First, decide how much you can afford, then research and plan accordingly. Food and beverages are usually the single biggest cost of any wedding.

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3. Planners

Hiring a wedding planner can be a real advantage. A good planner will have good knowledge of the wedding landscape such as vendors, venues, catering, etc. It’s always better to get a local planner, that way they will know when are peak and off season for weddings. This can make a huge difference in total cost. Obviously, things like venues and catering will cost much more during peak season.

4. Guests

As soon as you get engaged, start the guest list. Friends and family will want to know who’s in. The hardcore fact is that the easiest way to keep costs low is to minimize headcount. Historically, this has never been easy, but for those on a strict budget, it is one of the most popular wedding ideas. This is also the time to update RSVP’s, and contact info of all the people you are going to invite.

5. Let the Music Begin

Even the most frugal weddings nowadays will have either live music or a D.J. Obviously, the best way to choose one is to hear them perform, if possible. Cover bands are the most popular if its Rock and Roll music you’re after. Classical musicians are usually the most expensive, especially if you want a pianist.

6. Website

We live in the digital age and there seems to be a website for just about everything under the sun. Weddings are no exception. Yes, more and more people are putting up temporary websites with all the necessary info. Therefore, all you need to do is send the invited guests the URL and you’re set.

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