Planning a wedding of any size can be very time consuming and some brides and grooms may find it stressful. It’s hard to stay organized with so many things going. Family coming in from out of town, your brother and your cousin arguing at the rehearsal dinner, your mother in law wanted to help you plan, and the caterer not having the right type of appetizers. The whole wedding community has been there and been stressed it seems. The day comes and you’re not even sure where you put your reception shoes for later or tissues in case you tear up saying your vows. You wouldn’t want that brand new mascara to run and I am assuming you would rather be prepared as possible. While you are in the process of picking out your wedding and bridesmaids’ gowns, cake testing, and finalizing your wedding menu, the thought of a checklist for your wedding day may not even have crossed your mind. It is important to be prepared. There is no time for extra trips. This checklist will help you throughly prepare for the big day.

It may seem like a lot to do the wedding checklist early on but you should start with the list early in wedding planning because chaos is sure to occur throughout the planning process. Think of items you know you will and put them on your wedding checklist first. Here we will go over some important items.

1) Tissues

Whether you think you will need them or not. It’s better safe than weepy.

2) Breath mints

Now I’m sure everyone brushes their teeth but no matter what time of day you’re getting married you may have coffee or wine. You’ll need to speak with everyone at your wedding including your officiant so you’ll want fresh breath.

3) Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You’ll probably be so busy on your busy day running around that you didn’t even think to stay hydrated. Take some bottled water with you. In fact, create your own wedding day bag to store these items in and label it if need be.

4) Lipstick

Even if you’re getting your makeup done professionally, you will always want to have some on hand to last you through the day.

5) Chapstick.

You’ll need to be ready for that first kiss with your new husband. Perfume. Or Body Spray. Again, you’ll need to remain fresh. Wedding day┬áis usually a long day.

6) Deodorant.

Yes. For all those nervous moments.

7) Dental Floss

In case you’re eating ribs or any other food that loves to cling to your teeth.

8) Wedding Rings

this should be at the top of the list

9)Wedding Attire

Yes some people forget this

10) Cell Phone

For emergency pep talks

11) Marital Documents

i.e. Marriage License

12) Hotel Room Key

if you’re getting married in the same place you are honeymooning at

13) Your Sanity

try and remain calm and peaceful throughout the day. Most people only get this day once.

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