Wedding dress design…something important for a perfect wedding. Trying on your wedding dress isn’t as easy as slipping into your yellow summer dress with flowers. It is at least a two-person job. Many brides have at least two different dresses for their wedding. But is that too much? Maybe you can transform your wedding dress?

Improve Your Wedding Dress Design

Most brides have two dresses: one big traditional poofy dress for the wedding ceremony and another dress that is a bit shorter and more manageable for the reception. That sounds logical and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having multiple dresses if you can afford it. But you also have many brides that even have three dresses! They often forget how much time it takes to change clothes and don’t take their time to enjoy their reception.

Do you also think it is very tempting to have two dresses for your perfect wedding – one for during the day and one for the night? We understand. But sometimes it’s not financially or logistically possible to have two dresses on your wedding day. So why not consider a transformable dress? We are speaking about wedding dress design: you can completely change the look without paying for two gowns. It’s a win-win situation!


Transform Your Wedding Dress Design:


If you’re looking for an elegant, subtle, sexy wedding dress that you can wear during your wedding ceremony, then a jacket over your dress is not a bad idea. It sounds crazy, but it’s beautiful. A slim, form-fitting dress with a removable jacket, decorated with beautiful decorations. The jacket can be worn during your ceremony and when the evening starts you can take it off. It will seem like a brand new dress!

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Tulle skirt

If you like tulle, a tulle skirt is very useful to transform your wedding dress design into a dance dress. You wear the tulle skirt above your mini-dress during the ceremony, and remove the skirt when it’s time to dance! Of course, you can use different sorts of skirts to put over your wedding dress. You can even do it reversed – first wear a long dress and on the dance floor add your amazing skirt that will catch everyone’s eye!
Wedding Dress

Hich necklines and sleeves

There are also stunning dresses with high necklines that you can take off during the evening for a subtle look. There are also dresses with sleeves that you can take off for a new look.

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Lace cape

Beautiful mermaid dresses are also amazing to wear. If the idea of a detachable skirt sounds like too much trouble, you can also consider adding a lace cape on the dress. You can change the look of this dress completely by adding the cape with high neckline if you need more coverage at the ceremony. And you can take if off on the dance floor to show your bare shoulders.

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You will have a perfect wedding with our tips! If you need more tips, check this out:

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