Wedding traditions: that’s cool! Heat of the stove, lights in the tree, together, a full satisfied belly, wishes and a new start. I understand why Christmas and New Year is one of the most popular days for a marriage proposal.
Did you know that the guest list should actually be composed by the mother of the bride with the help of the parents of the groom?

This time it’s not a to-do’s, checklists and tips, but a couple of nice wedding tidbits. After all, why do lots of brides wear a veil? And why are there so many marriages in June? What is the best wedding day? I’ll tell you why below.


Wedding Facts

Did you know that…

…according to an ancient myth, the left ring finger connected is to the heart, the vein of love. It is therefore logical that you would wear the ring there, because who would not want a marriage full of love?


…actually the guest list is compiled by the mother of the bride with the help of the parents of the groom? Maybe not such a bad idea. You don’t have to make the difficult choices and it’s a big surprise on the big day! (Maybe just write down a few no go names, just to be sure.)


…according to English tradition, Wednesday is considered the best wedding day to get married? Monday would stand for wealth and Tuesday for health, so those days would also be a good day to get married. But Saturday on the other hand…Saturday is the unhappiest day to get married. Weird…because this is now the most popular day to get married. Perhaps unfortunate, because it’s such a popular day?


…the Roman goddess Juno ruled the marriage, the heart and the birth and therefore June is a popular month to get married?


…ancient Greeks and Romans thought the veil would protect the bride from evil spirits?


…the most beautiful moment of the day, when you see each other for the first tie, is actually not arise from a romantic thought? This orginated in the days when you didn’t have the choice who you would marry. The groom could only see his bride at the altar in order to prevent him from running away. So pathetic, that’s why we don’t do that. Capiche grooms? Let us all look at the groom when he sees his bride for the first time. The most beautiful moment! So proudly.


…the bride has to stand on the left of the groom during a Christian ceremony because previously the right hand of the groom should be free to fight off other suitors? Bridesmaids had the role to prevent evil spirits to come and groomsmen helped to prevent the bride wouldn’t be stolen. Cute right? So I would again think about who you want to ask for being the bridesmaids and groomsmen.


…rain on your wedding day means that you will have a happy and fruitful marriage. What is more cozier than to accept the rain and dancing together in the rain? I mean, rain is just confetti from the sky.


…the lop layer, where often a nice cake topper of the couple is on, should (according to tradition) not be touched? You would have to keep the top layer in a freezer for a year. After a year, you can throw away the piece of cake and then you will enjoy endless happiness together. Oh, and bridesmaids, take a piece of cake, and place it under your pillow, you will dream of your future husband…


…woman only propose or ask men to dance on February 29, leap day?


…something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue stands for the old and new object that the bride wears for the life she leaves behind and the new life she gets after marriage? The borrowed object stands for all the dear friends and family and the color blue stands for a loyal marriage.


Do you have some fine wedding traditions with a special history? Sharing is caring! Nice if you leave a comment below.

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