A singer at a wedding is pure live performance and a band (or a DJ). It would be almost like karaoke which means action for all! It’s a key factor to any event. Whereby, the wedding reception is an invitation for fun and skilled dancers, and not so skilled dancers. Nevertheless, music is what makes the wedding precede down the to a blissful future, it seems to be more alive when there’s an actual singer or band playing on the stage.

It’s Said That the DJs and the Music are the Main Seller

…to any party or concert right Well, take the event of a wedding reception; will you have your Uncle Larry go to such extremes that he has to get his old band back together. No, you’ll search through ads locally, or ask a friend on Facebook, or Twitter, if they know any local bands/singers of all genres…or DJs.

It’s the fastest and quickest way for a response a.s.a.p.!
Although, you should always have a Plan B. Last minute things pop up generally speaking. In case, for any confusion that’s only part of the sample of people who may think this way, to hire a singer or band. On the other hand, there are some people who believe it’s out of the question. Don’t even waste your time or money on such nonsense of hiring a wedding band or singer.

The comparisons are not any different because they’re both live performances. The DJ performs live as does the wedding singer/band. Although, the difference is in choice. There could be a playlist of songs that the bride/groom may want the DJ to follow, otherwise, the DJ works the clock and plays his/her tunes.

Is it the DJs Day or the Wedding Day?

The wedding singer may have a set list with a few (here and there) song requests. With that said, you’ll have to decide which you want, a live performance by a singer and a band in the background or a DJ with a spinning table. Some say that a wedding singer can cater to all the needs of the guests by way of songs. But, finding one that can professionally do this without a bit of a struggle can be time-consuming. Naturally, if you know someone with the vocal chords of Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake, then so be it.

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For those young audiences, a DJ may suffice. If there’s a diverse group of songs then they’ll be a diverse group of dancers on the dance floor. But, what if they’re mix? Then, this is where the DJ or Singer show their true colors. Sample the music that the singer or DJ plans on playing, if hired. It’ll only take a few songs into the night that will get the music blaring and people on the dance floor. Normally, you’ll see a few but, as the night goes on, the floor will not be empty if the performer motivates and cheers the guests on. The bride and groom should have sometime to dance as well as the parents, which is tradition in many cultures.

Hiring according to genre of music can mean someone is getting very picky. With this in mind, you can hire according to the genre of music you’ll be listening to. Yet, you grew up with a variety and so did your guests. Such is a western wedding with country music or a hip-hop wedding band to liven up the beats. The dance floor will be “pumping” if all the guests, or partial, get up and simply want to dance. You’ll never know until the event.

Expect Surprises

Nevertheless, the majority of people who’ve experienced wedding bands with singers or DJs with their own playlist admit they would rather hear their own music. The songs that they grew up with, and their guests, the popular, and some not so popular, but all in all, it’s the couple’s list of songs. Therefore, download your playlist on your MP3 player, or get the ever so popular iPods. You can simply run the cord from your computer and hook the speakers to it. If you take a laptop computer, it’ll be much easier. The surround sound system will blare as loud as you want it to at the place you plan to have the reception at. There are rent-a-centers will allow you to rent out stereo and speaker systems by the hour. This can be fairly the same amount of work as you would searching for that perfect singer, band, or DJ.

Call ahead to reserve those speakers and surround sound system and get your a-list songs on your track list so you can play them at your once in a lifetime event. It’s the decision of all decisions. Do you want the DJ to hone down the sound of music he/she will be dominating or do you want the 80s band to play the same songs they’ve been playing since the 80s? Only you know the answer. It’s your wedding day, so it should be your songs.

Finally, it’s all in the songs which will be blaring out of speakers to get people to dance, sing along, and move around at a wedding ceremony. After awhile, people will tend to tune out the music all together, and mingle and visit each other’s tables by the time the night is spent away. They may not even remember the songs that were being played, but the couple will because they downloaded their favorites. After all, it’s all about the couple, right? It’s recommended that you have your own playlist for that magical day.

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