Weddings are a celebration of love, all kinds and every kind. And while wedding themes have for centuries been rooted in common traditions–from the gown to the cake to the venue itself–these days there are infinite ways you express your unique style with the ones you love. A lesbian wedding is the perfect occasion to get creative, with multiple sources of inspiration. Here are a few wedding themes to consider for your lesbian wedding:

Belle Époque

Called “the beautiful era” by the French, think Downton Abbey meets Moulin Rouge. The Belle Époque era was a time of sweeping social and political change, when free spirits questioned the rigid rules and values leading up to WWI, pouring their passion into art, burgeoning cinema, and all things bright and beautiful. Credited as the precursor to the flapper era, the Belle Époque style was still cuffed and corseted a’la Victorian, but with a bohemian twist: smoky eyes, luscious fabrics, cigarette holders, and absinthe for the wedding toast.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo not only made history as one of the most influential artists of all time, but was also a champion of equality. Throughout her life Kahlo held relationships with both men and women, celebrating the wondrous nuances of love in her work. So why not pay homage to the colorful soul of Frida on your big day? Bright flowers, vivid colors, and traditional Mexican dishes make for a brilliantly memorable occasion. Día de Muertos sugar skulls and skeleton decorations, as well as guest favors, add an especially festive touch.

Awareness & Solidarity

A lesbian wedding can also be the perfect occasion to show your support for the community, and encourage loved ones to do the same. Instead of an indoor venue host your ceremony and subsequent celebration outdoors, with guests seated in a circle instead of aisle rows, a symbolic gesture of being joined rather than divided. Link the chairs with rainbow ribbons, and in lieu of favors make a special donation to an LGBTQ cause of choice in each guest’s name.

Swing, Swing

The 1940’s-1950’s were a time of big bands, wingtips, red lips, and lots of breaking loose on the dancefloor. Take some swing dance lessons with your fiancée prior to the big day and show off your moves. You could even invite an instructor to give guests a crash course of their own before the night gets underway. Enlist some jukebox classics, from Benny Goodman to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and encourage guests to dress the part.

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