You can choose between a lot of wedding themes. A wedding theme helps to limit your ideas and put everything together. Not sure where to start? Well…what are your hobbies? Are you more fun or serious? Do you prefer things that are more elegant or edgy?
Think of colors, patterns and symbols that are meaningful to you. You can also get inspired by a city, season, favorite book or your hobbies.
Tip: do not be afraid to think outside the typical season-inspired weddings or three color combos themes.

If you have a specific vision for your wedding it is easier to choose flowers, invitations, color palette, menu, music and many more.

The most popular wedding themes in Miami:

Great Gatsby Theme

This theme is very flexible and there are heaps of options. The couple doesn’t have to choose a specific color for the theme. Sparkling linens, long centerpieces, black and white decor are things that you see at a Great Gatsby wedding.25fc54c6cacaafde5d1059510165fdd6

Modern Theme

Modern weddings are for couples that want to have the formality of a hall or ballroom, but still want to bring their own design to the table. Lilies, tight suits and classic wedding dresses are often used.HitzPhoto-July-26

Secret Garden Theme

There is nothing more magical and beautiful than a secret garden theme. Even the most formal wedding can work here. For this style you use a lot of flowers. Lace is a very popular material to use here.secret-garden-ceremony

Vintage Wedding Theme

If you choose the vintage route, lace is a must: look for a dress with a modern twist. A color palette of ivory, slate gray, rose and gold is soft and beautiful.0001-Secret-Garden-Wedding-IMG_9512

Rustic Chic Wedding Theme

The key is to start with a great location. Once you have found your perfect venue, you can create additional decor. Whether you’re celebrating your wedding in a garden or a vineyard, all large rustic celebrations have three things in common: they present a natural landscape, use wood in different ways and use objects that can be seen in your own home or garden.DSC00063

Classic Romance Wedding Theme

Let’s tart with the outfits: a dramatic fit-and-flare dress with a hint of crystal detailing for the bride and a classic black tuxedo for the groom. For the color scheme, white with silver or gold accents is a regal look, or you can go with a pale pink for a more romantic effect. This theme consists mostly of flowers, white furniture and large ornate mirrors.

Ethnic Wedding Theme

Ethnic and multicultural weddings are all about embracing the culture, family, traditions and color! Rich fabrics, exquisite fashion and jewelry is really what life brings in these events. An element that can greatly attract attention is the lighting, it must be strong and clear to all.

Seaside Celebration Theme

Will you marry with the ocean breeze through your hair and the sand between your toes? You can take a sequence and coastal approach with crisp whites, greens and blues, or go all-out with vibrant yellows and oranges.BB0563-Vintage Ivory Rose and Blue Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Which of these wedding themes is the best for you? Let us know and we can find the right one for you, click here!

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