After Ruth Maldonado, this week it’s time to meet Yanel Ramos, a certificate Miami wedding planner. You will be impressed by her story! Follow the interview below to know more about Yanel:

1. Why Did You Get Started in This Business? How Long Ago?

I began planning events professionally in 2010, but I’ve been planning all types of parties for family and friends ever since I can remember. I was always encouraged by others and told I had a natural ability to put events together, while paying attention to every detail. I found myself planning events so often, I made an abrupt career change which has taken me to where I am today.

2. How Was It at The Beginning?

The first few years were quite challenging. I was taking every offer and planned every event possible. No event was too small. This allowed me to gain invaluable experiences on how to successfully execute beautiful events on the client’s budget.

3. Tell About Your Background Before This.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Medical Science, and a certified Ultrasound Sonographer. I proudly worked for Baptist Health Systems, right until I decided to be an event coordinator on a full-time basis.

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4. How Did You Become Successful or Bootstrapped?

To me, success came in the form of customer satisfaction. The happiness, expressions, and gratitude displayed by my newlyweds, after their wedding is my highest reward.

5. What Do You Sell?

Wedding/ Event planning and coordination. I offer “Day of wedding” coordination and/or partial to full wedding planning. I am a certified Wedding and Event Coordinator through Miami Dade College (LWPI), as well as certified in Floral Design.

6. How Many Weddings Do You Do a Year?

I average 13 to 15 weddings per year, depending on the scale and size of the weddings.

7. What Makes Your Product Unique?

My experience and knowledge of multiple venues make my services unique. I specialize working with venues in the Miami area, from Aventura to the Redlands. I always refer the most reputable vendors that match my attention to every detail. Most of my customers come from “word of mouth” or direct referrals.

8. What Is The Most Important Thing in Your Product?

Defiantly Communication! My best events and most beautiful weddings have had good communication in common. When I know what you want, I can definitely make it happen! By knowing and listening to my couples I can help them plan their dream wedding.

9. Who Are You? Bio, Kids, Husband, Passions and Hobbies.

I am married, have 3 children, and live in the Kendall area of Miami-Dade. I am a Cuban- American raised in Miami. I enjoy traveling, exercise, and family gatherings.

10. The Best Moments?

I’ve had the pleasure of having many best moments throughout my career as a coordinator. The most memorable moments are seeing how couples that I’ve been working with for months finally become husband and wife.

11. If Clients Want to Hire You, What Is The Process?

Couples may contact me sending an e-mail, please share pertinent information such as event date, preferred venue or selected venue, event size, and budget. I offer a complimentary meeting to discuss pricing for services.

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