It’s coming near. The day that you have been planning for so long.  In fact, you have thought about this from when you were a young kid. Fantasizing about how you will meet your prince, fall in love and have a magnificent wedding with 1000 guests. Although it’s not going to happen the exact way you imagined at the age of 8, it’s pretty close. You have met the man who you are going to fall in love with again and again every single day from now till forever and you’re going to marry him although not with 1000 guests. It’s still going to be magnificent, no doubt.

Oh look, your phone is ringing. It’s you fiancé. You pick it up and he updates you on the catering and says that it’s all ready to go. You talk for a bit more and put down the phone saying “I love you too”. Food is settled. The wedding will be perfect.

It’s Two Days Before the Wedding

You can’t sleep. You toss and turn on your bed. Your agitation and your eagerness are keeping you away from your beauty sleep. You can’t have black eye bags on your wedding day! So you force yourself to sleep. Maybe talking to your fiancé will make you feel better? No, he might be sleeping already and it’ll be unfair to disturb him. You play scenes in your mind of your life after marriage with maybe a kid or two and with that thought, you slowly drift to sleep.

KRINGGGGG! Get up! The hair dresser and makeup artist are here. You need to start getting ready for the wedding. The big day is today! The hair dresser starts her work by slowly weaving your hair in an eloquent braid which she pins with a beautiful lotus pin that your mom gifted you. You asked for a simple yet elegant hairstyle. Something that will frame your face perfectly. The makeup artist then gets out her makeup brushes to work her magic on you. A little foundation to even the skin out, eye shadow and eye liner to bring out the color of your eyes and a bright red lipstick cause red can never go wrong.

The Door Slowly Creaks

You turn your head toward the entrance and see your best friends arriving. The smile on your face gets wider and you run to embrace them. “Watch the face!” the makeup artist says. You shrug her off and hug your friends anyway. It has been so long since the last time you met them and at that moment, you felt on top of the world.

It’s Time to Put on the Wedding Dress

The one you spent so much time and energy in. Not to forget money too. The whole look is complete now. You walk slowly into the room where you mom and your BFFs are waiting in. The whole room falls silent the moment you step in. Your BFFs collectively sigh and start taking pictures. Your mom walks towards you with tear-filled eyes and hold your face in her hands. She looks at you, unable to take in how beautiful you look today. She doesn’t say anything but the look on her face is worth a thousand words.

You hug your father and grasp his arm, gearing up for the walk along the aisle. The music starts to play. Your heart beats faster. This is it. You’re about to marry him. The one who taught you to love yourself and to always keep smiling. The one who never fails to make you smile even when you’re angry. The one who always steals half of your burger but you love him anyways. He is waiting for you at the end of the aisle, looking exactly like the prince you imagine at the young age of 8.

The guests all have smiles on their faces, eagerly taking pictures and cheering. You look up and see him. Everything else disappears. Only you and he remain.

You reach the altar and he is trying so hard not to shed a tear. You look absolutely breathtaking just like the first day he met you. You exchange vows and rings. You are now pronounced husband and wife.

And with that, your journey begins with your love by your side. You throw your bouquet to the girls for the next bride-to-be. Hoping she too gets a wonderful wedding like this.

Life Has Been Great

Years have passed but one thing is fresh in your mind, the day you were a beautiful bride.

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