Picking out a wedding date that best fits your schedule, as well as your spouse’s, can be extremely challenging. Not to mention, you also have to keep your budget, weather, and availability in mind as well. 
Below, is a checklist on how to choose the best wedding date that suits you, your bride or groom, your guests, as well as your venue for the day of your dreams. 

Have you ever thought of a summer wedding, or maybe one in the middle of a blizzard? Everyone has their preferences, but you have to be realistic with the season you want your wedding to occur in. 

For example, if you want a summer wedding, the venue may be too expensive for your budget. You have to take other seasons into consideration to base your big day. However, you should keep in mind that winter time may be the best time to plan your wedding if you’re on a strict budget since that season is among the cheapest. On the other hand, fall weddings are becoming increasingly popular, unfortunately, you may not be getting the Halloween wedding of your dreams. 
It’s important that you don’t drift into the mindset that your wedding has to occur in one special season. Every season has its disadvantages. For example, summer it gets hot for wedding gowns and suits and winters usually cannot have outdoor venues. 

Budgets are super important to keep in mind when choosing your wedding date. For example, July, May, and December are popular months for weddings, so prices are going to be much higher than other months. 
Days of the week can also affect your budget. For example, Saturday nights are the most expensive time to have a wedding, whereas Monday nights are relatively cheaper. 

Planning out the location of where your wedding is going to be is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Even if you have an exact date picked out, if you can’t get a venue, it probably won’t be happening on the date you want. The best way to book a venue on the date you planned is to book a few months, if not a year, in advance for the lowest prices and best availability. 

Choosing the date of your wedding with your fiancé may be one of the romantic things you do together. For example, you can plan for your wedding to take place on the date you asked each other out on your first date. 
However, even if you can’t get the exact date you hoped for, getting close to it can be just as special. In your wedding programs, you can even tell guests about the significance of the date of your wedding. 

To pick your wedding date, you may also want to consult the schedules of important guests. This likely includes family members, close friends, and other people you would not want to host your wedding without. You wouldn’t want to choose a date that your own parents could not attend. Just know that the final decision is yours and your spouse’s. Listen to what your family members have to say but know that ultimately, the choice is yours.

When setting the schedule for your wedding, make sure that you can take enough days off either from work or school for your honeymoon. The time before and after your wedding can get pretty hectic, you want to make sure you are able to take as much time off to prepare as possible. 

If you’ve always wanted a Christmas-themed or even an Easter-themed wedding, you may be into a holiday wedding. From celebrating your heritage or even your favorite holiday, it can be the icing on the cake to celebrate your big day. 
However, when planning a holiday wedding, it’s important that you book plenty of months in advance since the holidays is when venues are most busy and have the least availability. It may even be worth it to book your venue at least a year in advance if it’s a holiday such as the Fourth of July. 
You should also make sure all your guests can make it to your wedding and don’t already have the plans. The worst thing that can affect your holiday wedding is poor planning. 

We mentioned above that it is a good idea to get input from important wedding guests like family members and close friends. However, this should be the end of discussion about your wedding date. You should resist the urge to get input from everyone. Everybody you talk to will likely have their own opinion and you can’t make them all happy. You are much better off involving as few people as possible in the process. Don’t allow others to change your mind about your wedding date. After all, this is your special day, not your former college roommate’s. 

Whether you choose summer or winter, a significant date or a holiday, you will be sure to have the perfect date for your special day. Just be sure to keep these few considerations in mind and you will easily be able to pick your wedding date.

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