Contrary to popular belief, a wedding doesn’t have to be timeless. A wedding is a celebration of a couple in a moment in time. Approaching your wedding like a big, fabulous, party instead of an intense life event allows everyone to have more fun; including you. Here is a list of wedding ideas for the bride who’s looking to have the time of her life.

Garden of Eden Wedding

There is nothing more romantic, or unexpected than the idea of the first man and the first woman falling in love in paradise. If you’re channeling the Garden of Eden you need to find a venue that is lush, verdant and primal. A great option in the Miami area is the Fairchild Botanic Garden. Located in Coral Gables, the Botanic Garden is an awesome approximation of Eden.

The Impossible Dream Wedding

Cervantes’ classic tale of Don Quixote has captured the imagination of generations. The idea of a man so set on his course that he is willing to undertake the impossible is an amazing metaphor for giving everything in your heart to the one you love. The Spanish Monastery, located in North Miami Beach is am an actual medieval monastery that was transported from Spain and reassembled. This venue pulses with history, and it is easy to imagine Don Quixote and Rocinante setting forth from these courtyards on their impossible quest.

Future Wedding

When we think of the future we’re really thinking of the ultra-hip 1960’s version of the future we saw in the Jetsons and early science fiction. A future themed wedding opens up all kinds of possibilities for over the top light and music. The Temple House, located in Miami Beach was made for this kind of wedding. With its clean lines and art deco vibe, it cries out for a wedding as cool and sleek as the venue.

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Miss Havisham’s Wedding

This theme, along with other literary wedding ideas, is irresistible for the true book lover. Miss Havisham was left at the alter, and she spent the rest of her life in her wedding dress. She is one of Dicken’s eeriest characters, and decaying mansion she lived in is both gloomy and terribly romantic. A wedding like this would have numerous Dickensian details that would look right at home in the Alfred I. Dupont Building in Miami. The venue’s high-ceilinged grandeur is the perfect setting for a wedding full of literary references.

Masquerade Wedding

Imagine a room full of people in fantastic masks. Imagine jugglers and fortune tellers roaming the crowd, creating a carnival atmosphere. A true masquerade wedding would be a celebration like nothing anyone has ever seen. The perfect venue for that kind of celebration is the Cruz Building, located in Coconut Grove. The three level venue is a shining example of French New Orleans architectural style. This kind of decadent surrounding would help bring out the aura of fantasy present at a true masquerade ball.

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