Weddings are happy occasions, not just for the bride and groom, but also for their friends, family and loved ones. That’s why couples, now more then ever get involved in personalizing their wedding. These days they are not only involved in the larger, more traditional aspects of a wedding such as wedding dates, reception areas, guest lists, themes or invitations; they are also more hands-on with smaller intricate details such as wedding favors, ribbons and customized napkins.


Details are key

Details make the wedding. And here’s a detail you do not want to forget: ordering colorful, personalized napkins to decorate your wedding reception. They add a special touch to the wedding. They can be used at appetizer tables, cake tables, buffets, guest tables, cocktail bars and restrooms. You can personalize the napkins with a photo of the bride and groom, together with their names and wedding date. It will look wonderful.

Customized wedding napkins, coasters and towels printed with your unique wording and special touches will add a distinctive touch to your bridal events. From cocktails to dessert, the guests will have decorative designs, gorgeous monograms and personalized messages to remind them of your special day.


Customized napkins

Time after time brides think they can save money by not having coasters, but a much cheaper and most common option is the personalized napkins! Napkins can be printed in a short time, are inexpensive and you will have many more napkings than coasters for the same budget. Whether it is a traditional wedding with understated elegance, a glam bride who wants sparkle, or a bride who wants a more rustic or casual vibe, you can make your own style shine through on the napkins. Make your wedding perfect with personalized wedding napkins.Personalized napkins

After choosing the color of the napkins, the fun begins: coming up with the text!
You can print a personalized text on the napkin. They can be printed with the names of the couples, the wedding date and designs like hearts, flowers and wedding rings. Then choose style that matches the wedding theme, season and design. There are a lot of napkins with traditional motifs, such as roses and hearts, and unique new styles such as beautiful monograms and romantic layouts.


Creating a colorful wedding

How many napkins do you need at your wedding in Miami? A good rule to follow is that you order five napkins per guest for the cocktail and five napkins per guest for dinner to make sure you have enough.

It’s easy to create personalized wedding napkins and ordering online. You get affordable wedding favors fit for your wedding entourage that are created to last a long time.

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