When you think about a flower girl for your wedding day, you often think of a little girl in a tutu or a young adult in an elegant gown. But what you probably don’t imagine is a 94-year-old-grandmother who is walking down the aisle as a flower ‘lady’.
In a traditional wedding you have young flower girls come down the aisle in their pretty pink dress, while they throw rose petals with a shy smile on their face… but if you thought that was cute, then you haven’t seen your dear grandmother as a flower girl yet.

A wedding is a very special day, so it makes sense that couples want to be surrounded by the people they love. Deciding on who to include in your wedding party can often be a difficult decision, particularly when there are children involved. But at a certain point it is necessary to determine who is going to be your flower girl and make her ready for her role in the ceremony. The flower girl is a key part of any traditional wedding ceremony but many couples don’t choose their flower girl until the end stages of planning.


Choosing the Flower Girl

Enlisting your grandmother as a Flower Girl

As more and more couples reimagine their dream wedding in Miami, we are excited to see the special bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren being celebrated.
In the past, grandmothers have gained no more recognition for their grandchild’s wedding day than an escort down the aisle and a front-row seat. But for some couples that is not enough and they are asking their grandmothers to be their attendents. There are a couple of wedding tips for choosing a flower lady and helping her get ready for her role in the wedding ceremony:

  1. Choosing a Flower Lady
    Couples with larger families may find that there are several candidates suitable for the role of flower lady, in which case it may be difficult to choose. But not to worry, there’s no rule that says you can’t have more than one flower lady. Being the center of attention can be unsettling for some grandmothers, and having two or three flower ladies can help you to diffuse the situation.
  2. Preparing the Flower Lady
    Everyone at the wedding party has certain responsibilities, and even adults can get nervous about their respective roles. The best way to prepare the flower lady for her role in the wedding day is to give her a book about weddings and flower ladies.
  3. The Flower Lady’s Dress
    Finding the correct coordinating clothing can be tricky, as flower girls dresses don’t usually fit the style of the grandmothers. Typically the dress is designed in the same style of the bridal gown or is a white version of the bridesmaid dresses. However, any dress that is comfortable, attractive and ties into the theme of the wedding will do. With a little creativy and flexibility, you can find a good solution. A nice pantsuit might be the perfect fit, or let your grandmother choose herself.


A little history

For many couples and their families, there can be friction between the traditional role that families at weddings have and the couples concerns about where this tradition comes from and the feeling that it doesn’t reflect their lives. Instead of completely eliminating those roles, you see more and more couples giving their relatives another role that suits their specific their character traits and skills.


Enlisting your grandmother as a flower lady is a good way to honor your grandmother with a special role on your wedding day. It is an unusual but creative idea; instead of a flower girl, your grandmother will get the chance to walk down the aisle. As your grandmother would say: You’re only as old as you feel right?

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