You’ve probably done all the big things; booked your photographer, hired your caterer and arranged an officiant… so now you can kick your feet up and take a break right? But before you pamper yourself, there is a small important detail still missing: cake toppers. This special touch will make every wedding celebration memorable in Miami.


No more Mr & Mrs

Traditional brides often choose bride and groom figurines, or perhaps the new initials of the couple. Modern brides sometimes want no topper at all or just something unique, like a pair lof love birds or flowers that match their bouquet. And there are also those couples who want to show their humor by choosing a topper that reflects their personality.

A topper is not necessary, but it can be the finishing touch for the perfect wedding cake. Wedding planner Annelys Taveras tells us that couples often choose something personal on the cake. Today it is no longer just the traditional mister and misses, but the use of monograms.


Unique wedding cake toppers

While many couples go for a more traditional wedding, alternative wedding themes and new traditions are becoming more and more popular. If you are looking to stray away from the beaten path when it comes to your wedding cake, think about using a unique wedding cake topper.

  • Photographs

It is now more common for couples to put a funny, creative or romantic picture on top of the cake. You can take pictures in different ways and place it in different ways. One thing is certain: it is super original and striking! If you really want to let your personality come out, this is an ideal option.

  • Bride and Groom

If you still want to stay a bit in the traditional atmosphere, but you’d like to bring humor to the wedding and the cake, a bride and groom topper would be great. Not the traditional onces though. You have many different funny, outstanding types and you can easily choose the figures to your personality or your profession.Cake topper: the best ideas ever

  • Monograms

For the modern couple a large initial of the last name or a new monogram really makes a statement and looks great on top of the wedding cake. A new trend for non-traditional bridesand grooms is also the placement of words on top of the cake. For example, “Best Day Ever.”Cake topper: the best ideas ever

  • Humor

Humorous cake toppers are used to get a smile on the faces of the guests and illustrate the couples personality. Think of bobble heads, disney character or legos. Super hilarious!

  • Family

Whether it’s a wedding with a lot of cats or children, there are couples who like the center their family on the cake. Have a custom family made to resemble yours!

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