Planning a wedding is expensive enough, so if you also have to think about the drinks and a bartender you just can’t see the light after the tunnel anymore. In that case a DIY bar is great idea for your wedding buffet. Instead of a bartender, use a water cooler to serve your alcohol.

A drink station can’t be missed on your wedding day. It is very important for the wedding reception as it encourages social activity between guests and ensures that the party never stagnates.


Why a water cooler?

  1. Water coolers are an easy way to keep liquids cool…any liquid, including alcohol.
  2. If you have a beverage in the 10-15 proof mark, it should add about the same thrill to your party as a 16 gallon keg.
  3. They can be quickly restocked: just simply replace the tob jug with more beverage.
  4. Easy to clean: the water cooler is built for quick alcohol dispersion without the ladle.
  5. It is a cheap alternative for barrels: it will take about 2-3 half gallen (1.75l) of your normal swill to make a 5-gallon party jug, which, price wise, is right there with the cheapest barrel typically on hand at your neighborhood liquor store.


Building your own drink center

If you’re building your own drink center for a backyard wedding, you can make it look great, regardless the budget. All you really need is a typical 6′ long plastic folding table form your former beer-pong days for the bar and a round 4′ table for the beverage station. Simply cover the serving surfaces in linens that complement the rest of your color theme. Add a dash of vibrancy and freshness with a few hydrangea bouquets, and your beverage station is ready to be stocked with drink accessories.


What you need

  • Plastic cups and glassware
    Everyone loses their glass at least once, so make sure you have enough glasses for the guests.
  • Cocktail napkins and straws
    While guests use their napking during dinner, they will also need something to hold their beer and to dap up small spills. Straws are not necessary, but they are affordable and add a level of detail to the drink presentation.
  • Waiter’s corkscrew
    If you have a beer bucket for guests to grab from, you need to provide at least one accessible bottle opener. Preferably mounted to the bar so that people who are a little tipsy can’t remove it.
  • Bar towels
    There is no point in making your wedding bar look pretty if it ends up dirty after the first rush of alcoholics…oops, I mean guests. Provide fresh towels to clean everything.


This will be a bar (and a wedding!) that nobody will forget!

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