The perfect blend of classic beauty and historic charm

Aisia and Ed at a Douglas Entrance Wedding

Aisia and Ed’s Douglas Entrance Wedding was a beautiful one! It was a warm winter day, the sky was blue and the sun shining through the palm trees. Everything run smoothly on their special day. The guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, a spectacular dessert station and danced until they feet hurt.

This venue provided a very elegant backdrop to Aisia and Ed’s Douglas Entrance Wedding. They held the decoration simple and uniform with tones of grey and purples throughout the hole wedding.

Aisia and Ed had been a couple for many years before Ed proposed to Aisia. In their your years they had met on a networking event and found each other very interesting, so they kept in touch and became friends at first. It took some time until they started dating as they were both very focused on their jobs and spending a lot of time working. It was for Aisia’s birthday that Ed suggested to travel for a weekend to the countryside and disconnect from their busy jobs. It was that weekend where all the magic started.

Have a look at their beautiful picutres!


Photography: Evan Rich

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