Colorful ideas for your wedding party

Catherine and Edoardo at a Thalatta Estate Wedding

Catherine & Edoardo’s love story can be summarized in a couple of words: love at first sight. Catherine describes she felt as if a cupid’s arrow hit her heart when she saw Edoardo. Four years later their special day arrived, the day of their beautiful Thalatta Estate Wedding!

Although the unpredictable Miami weather brought some rain in the morning, the clouds disappeared just before the ceremony and a beautiful rainbow over the ocean set the background it looked amazing!

For the reception, Catherine and Edoardo chose simple but very elegant back and white decoration, but the rest of the night was very colorful. The couple bought some colorful hats and masks everyone would wear while dancing to the rhythm of the music. To give their wedding another personal touch and a feeling of home, a very typical Colombian bus arrived and was definitely one of the highlights.

Congratulations Catherine and Edoardo for your very successful Thalatta Estate Wedding!



Photography: Eugenio Wilman

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