A classy and elegant garden wedding

Holly and Pedro at a Bonnet House Wedding

We love this Bonnet House Wedding!

Holly and Pedro’s story is a very unique and special one. They met 6 years before their wedding on a very unusual place, they met on a plane. It was such a coincidence that they were sitting next to each other and they were both taking the same flight from Miami to Spain to go on summer holidays. Both of their families lived in Madrid but Holly and Pedro had moved to Miami a few years ago because of work. They used the 8 hours of flight to talk and decided to exchange phone numbers to meet in Madrid. It didn’t take two days until Pedro was texting Holly and asking her out for dinner. This was the start of their lives together.

We love the colors and the set up Holly and Pedro chose for their garden wedding, the combination of golds and pinks with white looked so elegant and classy under that tent illuminated with little cute lights. Have a look at those amazing pictures of this Bonnet House Wedding!


Photography: Evan Rich

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